Four Healthy Lifestyle Tips You Might Not Know

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We’re all aware that a healthy lifestyle involve a balance between eating the right food, doing the right amount of exercise, and avoiding bad habits. That information drilled into us from a young age and is all over advertising as well as government health programs. Yet other healthy lifestyle tips are less publicized and yet could serve to improve your health and wellbeing greatly. This article looks at four areas in which you could boost your health in ways that you may have previously been unaware of. 

Gut Health

There’s more and more evidence emerging to confirm the hypothesis that there is a link between the health of your gut and your mental health. They might seem like distant systems in your body. Still, a succession of recent studies has shown that having a strong biotic ecosystem in your belly can help you improve your mental health, affecting your physical wellbeing. There are dozens of ways to protect and enhance your gut’s health, and they’re worth researching online to alter your diet in a way that might boost your mental health. 


Too few people speak with their doctors about health issues that they’re facing. This is something that has only become worse since the pandemic, with many people deciding to hold off going to the doctor for fear of congesting the health system or contracting COVID while in the clinic or hospital. But one of the very best ways in which you can protect your health and receive personalized lifestyle tips is to establish a better, stronger connection with a doctor. Even better, use modern technology to connect you with an NHS GP online in a video call to get instant advice from a professional when you need it the most. 


Stress studies have been around for some time, but it’s only recently that stress has been strongly linked to a number of chronic illnesses, with hypertension and heart issues among the most common links found by modern medical research. This is an intriguing finding and one which could inform your healthier lifestyle in the future. Stress is a natural part of life, but that’s not to say it cannot be minimized. Find coping mechanisms when you find yourself stressed, such as meditation or yoga techniques, to establish calm which is good for your mental and physical wellbeing. 


There are thousands of studies about the impact of exercise on our wellbeing. Many of them have found, predictably, that people who exercise more tend to be healthier. Yet the more interesting studies compare different forms of exercise with interesting results. For instance, did you know that swimming in cold water has been found to have more benefits than swimming in warm water? Or that power walking burns almost as many calories as running? These findings could help inform a better approach to your exercise regime in the future. 

Use these lesser-known lifestyle tips to help you maintain better health in your life.

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