6 Weight Loss Treatment You Should Totally Avoid

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The rate of obesity is increasing in all over the world with every passing day. The number of obese people has dramatically increased and so the techniques of weight loss treatment. Thanks to the advancements in technology and aesthetic procedures, now it becomes possible for you to get rid of obesity. No doubt, making changes in your lifestyle and diet are the most effective ways to treat the problem. However, most of the people cannot combat the issue just with these minor changes. Weight loss treatment is the solution to them. Pharmaceutical companies and aesthetic companies are claiming for easy weight loss, but you should adhere to the fact that its management is not easy. The thing that you need to understand is that these weight loss procedures provide short time benefits. Whatever they claim but these procedures don’t provide permanent results. Instead of maintaining results, different risks are associated with these treatments.

Weight Loss Treatment

Let’s find out 6 weight loss methods that you should avoid!

1. Say a Big No to HCG Drugs for Weight Loss

Never go for HCG drugs to lose your weight. Human chronic gonadotropin (HCG) drugs are sold in the market in the form of homeopathic medicines. These drugs are not approved by FDA and a warning is issued against their usage.

Users are asked to take highly restrictive diet when they are using these drugs. Basically, it is a hormone that is linked to the pregnancy and the basic purpose of these drugs is to resolve issues related to fertility. Weight loss is considered as another aspect but doctors recommend not to use this product.

These drugs are accessible in the form of syrups, tablets, and diets. So you can choose its method whatever you need as per your desire. When you use this treatment method for weight loss, it comes with various health risks that may include improper body functioning and formation of gallstone.

2. Lipotropic Injections Not a Good Idea

Are you considering to get lipotropic injections for weight loss? Believe me! It’s not a good idea. Some specific substances are infused in the body to remove additional lipid quantities from particular body organs. However, health hazards are linked to these injections so you shouldn’t go for them.

3. An Insight to Weight Loss Diet Supplements

Another weight loss treatment is done by the use of supplements. It is noticed that most of the people are using diet supplements for a quick weight loss. The use of these supplements is increased among people. Hence, health experts found that people are now discouraging their usage because of health effects. Ephedrine is one of the basic components of these supplements and it causes heart attack and stroke.

4. Steer Clear of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery refers to the latest surgical procedure that is used for weight loss. When you have stubborn fat that is not reducing with exercise and diet then this surgical procedure helps you to reduce fats from your body. The stomach size is reduced in this procedure. A specific part of the stomach is tied up by using the gastric band. Patients lose almost 50 percent of their weight by getting this surgery, but they need to follow a strict diet plan to maintain the results.

You should avoid surgical procedure until and unless it is the last option for you. Side-effects is another reason that allows you to not get this procedure. You may get nausea, dizziness, ulcers, hernias, malnutrition, infection, acid reflux, and inability to eat specific foods etc.

5. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another method that is used for weight loss. The origins of this treatment are from China. It works by controlling the hormones that are responsible for thirst and hunger. The size of your stomach is shrunk by using this method. However, the side-effects of this treatment reveal that you should not get it for weight loss. These side-effects may include fatigue, nausea, muscle twitching, worse symptoms, bruising, and emotional release.

6. Artificial Appetite Suppressants

Last but not the least, avoid the use of artificial appetite suppressant. You may hear about weight loss drugs, but now different kinds of artificial appetite suppressants are also available on the shelves of different stores. These appetite suppressants claim that the user will lose weight with this formula. Hence, these benefits are not for a long time. In addition to it, different side-effects are linked to it. They may include fatigue, hypertension (high blood pressure), sweating, nausea, headache, excessive thirst, insomnia, dizziness, and lightheadedness.

According to health experts, you must consult your doctor before making any decision. He will get your medical history, examine you, know your expectations, and then let you know which weight loss treatment option will be best for you. Be careful while making a decision as it is the matter of your life. Good luck!

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