Men’s Leggings – How To Avoid The Fashion Faux-pas

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There are no more rumors about the elegance of men’s fashion as it concerns leggings, or meggings, as some people call them. This piece of apparel is similar to the female counterpart’s, just that this is designed for men. But they are making a wave in men’s fashion. Are you thinking of joining this trend of men’s leggings in fashion? Here are tips on how to avoid fashion faux-pas.

Don’t go Color Rioting

It is okay if you want to wear your men’s leggings alone, under a shirt, but please, don’t commit color atrocities. Don’t lose the sense of the color match. It does not make sense to wear a pair of meggings designed with pink, and then wear a pink shirt/top. Nahhhh! Wear your thing, but be color-conscious. 

Shorts -a do or die affair? 

Some think it is cool to wear shorts over meggings while some people don’t. The truth is that there are no rules for that. You should wear whichever one makes you feel comfortable. When wearing shorts, however, you should wear the free ones, which are right about your knee-length. It could be about 2 inches shorter from the knee. Since it is for an outdoor fashion, it’s not cool to wear those tight, shorts that are about the length of the thickness of the thighs. Don’t do that.

Wear boxer briefs

The right underwear for meggings is to have boxer briefs on. You don’t want to wear boxer shorts that would bring out the impressions of your dickprint (the shape of your male organ) for people to have daydreams about. No. Have your crotch perfectly packed, without giving the public a view. Yeah, we know that those who think they are blessed below often want to flaunt it. They should, but not this way. Don’t commit fashion blunders. Boxer briefs actually ensure protection and stability. 

Long tees are the kingmaker

For a modest sense of fashion, you should get a t-shirt whose length goes over the waistline. That way, your shirt covers the waistband, and if long enough, it can cover up your crotch area to an extent. The latter is modesty, but the ideal thing is to have the length go over the waistline. Also, long-sleeved tees are quite dope to give you a classy sense of sportiness. Men’s leggings are more inclined to be sportswear. So, wearing them outdoor gives the sporty vibe and impression to folks, and a long-sleeved shirt, especially which also has a sporty feel, will complement the look. You are not going to wear a packing shirt, all buttoned-up over a pair of meggings ⸻are you?

Are you inspired to start kinging in those men’s leggings yet?

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