10 ways to sleep early at night

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It has become a very common habit to set several alarms for your morning rise. And most of the times we jump out of bed in a hurry to complete our chores before rushing to our schools and offices. Even though we may somehow make it in time to reach our destinations; this morning haste which precedes our target can and must be avoided. The‘morning haste’ can be attributed to the fact that an average individual does not get an enough night’s sleep. And staying up late at night is the major culprit behind this unhealthy habit. Sleeping early at night will not only help you avoid the morning rush hour, it will also help you in dealing with your daily snags in a more efficient manner. We list down 10 simple tips which will help you sleep early at night:

1. Prepare your routine time-table

Before doing anything else, you must sit down and prepare a list of your fixed routines, quite literally. Set adequate and fixed time for each of your daily chores and assignments and stick to it. For example, preparing your breakfast and finishing it must be given a fixed interval of time for each day of the week. It can be at 7 am during week days and perhaps shifted to half past eight during the weekends, depending on what precedes and succeeds it. Your breakfast might be followed by your daily shower or a quick bedroom clean up. Set a time for that as well. The same can be followed at your workplace or at your school/college. This habit must be maintained for all the afternoon and evening tasks as well.

2. An embargo on electronics

Relax! We are not asking you to get rid of all the electronic gadgets at your home. But if your smartphone is the last thing you spend time with before going to bed, now is the right time to give up this habit. According to an article by the Daily Mail, using electronic gadgets with a luminous display can cause permanent damage to your sleeping pattern, among other problems.Make a rule to keep these gadgets away from you at least 2 or 3 hours before going to bed.

3. The right environment for sleep

Most people blame uneasy sleeping conditions for sleep deprivation. Going to bed in a peaceful and relaxing environment will help you fall asleep quickly. Factors, like setting your room temperature to a specific level or reducing the noise level from adjacent rooms, can be crucial. Ear plugs and eye covers can help you further in avoiding all forms of audiovisual disturbances. Some people like to have a soothing fragrance flowing through the room. Sprays or oil diffusers can be used to induce a sleepy mood.

4. Invest in a comfortable bed

Even if the whole house is in chaos, a relaxed bed will help you fall asleep swiftly. Fluffy pillows coupled with the warmth of cosy bed sheets are all you need at night.

5. Exercise during the day

Exercising during the night can interfere with your sleep pattern. Hence, time your workout or jogging sessions for the earlier half of the day. According to a poll; people who exercise have more chances of gifting themselves a better sleep than people who don’t. And more vigorous the exercise better is the sleep. Even easier exercises like a 15 minute stroll or simple stretching will help you set a healthier sleeping pattern perfectly.

6. An alarm to sleep

You read that right! At times we get so busy in finishing our nocturnal tasks that we completely lose track of time. So why not set an alarm to remind you that it’s time to hop into your bed? It’s a very helpful trick in maintaining that routine which we talked about in point number 1. You can set an alarm 20 – 30 minutes prior to the bed time to give you a buffer time to finish your final task(s). Since we are on the topic of alarms and clocks, you can treat yourself with some amazing deals on watches and clocks from one of the several stores at HotUKSavings.

7. Diet pattern for night

It is not as complicated as the title reads. All you have to do is to avoid having food right before your bedtime. Digestion of food is a long and complex process. It involves secretion of digestive enzyme which sometimes leads to sensations like heartburn and bitter burps. Give your digestive system sufficient time to breakdown your food. Nobody likes to wake up in the middle of the night with an upset bowel! Your last meal should also be the lightest of all the meals you have during the day.

8. Avoid these food products

Sigh! Isn’t everything related to food? We certainly understand the urge for having that extra cup of coffee to lighten your stress. But, too much of caffeine can create a negative impact on your sleep. On the other hand, consumption of nicotine in the form of cigarettes close to bedtime disrupts your sleeping pattern. Our advice is to simply avoid smoking at all times!

9. Tire yourself during the day

You can exhaust yourself through other ways apart from regular exercises. Push yourself to take up physical activities like taking a flight of stairs instead of the lift. Take a walk to your grocery store instead of using your car. Instead of calling your office boy, get up from your seat and prepare your own cup of coffee (in limited dosage). A combination of these activities on a daily basis will make sure you are tired by the time you reach home.

10. void stress

Stress is one of the major reasons why people suffer from insomnia.A good sleep can open up your horizons like nothing else. Be it work related or personal, stress should be avoided; especially during your bed time.  This will assist you in getting a good night’s sleep which will ultimately help you in coping with your problems in a fresher, happier way by the next morning.

The proverb ‘early to bed, early to rise….’ was penned down for a vital reason and we, living in the 21st century must induce life to this key proverb. Lastly, do not keep the above habits only to yourself. Pass on this knowledge to your family members to create a healthy sleeping style followed by everyone at your home.

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