3D Digital Orthodontics: Method for Straightening Teeth

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The overall smartness of our body is not only confined to building strong muscles, growing voluminous hair, improving communications and making an attractive gait but also to alignment of our teeth. They become visible to our onlookers when you we open our mouth while speaking or smiling. If they are not well-positioned, they will give a devilish look to us. In the tech friendly era, many technologies have evolved that claim to straighten people’s teeth. 3D digital orthodontics is one such method that has proved very effective for those people, whose teeth are mispositioned. It has user-friendly features and can be easily conducted in people’s mouth.

3D Digital Orthodontics

3D digital orthodontist

3D digital orthodontics method allows dentists to make good quality digital impressions for a large number of treatment options. With its use, they are able to provide a faster and quicker service to their patients. Uploading of digital impressions becomes faster with it. Apart from this, it allows them to do various treatment scenarios. It is a safe and secure way to straighten people’s teeth with least hassles and pains. It involves uses of teeth aligners that gradually straighten teeth. The dentist will take photographs and make impressions of people’s teeth prior to making a 3-digital image that will throw light on the appearance of your teeth before, after and during the straightening treatment. With 3D diagnostic imaging, anatomical data can be easily gathered using scanning equipment. After this, data can be processed and displayed on a 3D model.

The three important things involved in orthodontic treatment are facial soft, hard tissues and dentition. An exact 3D record of a patient’s skeletal, facial and dental structure, which is both measurable and interactive, is very beneficial for orthodontists. Digital orthodontics is easy for dentists to use modern technology.  3-D imaging creates a computerized treatment plan that allows the teeth to move along to their targeted positions. This is combined with robotic hands that bend the archwires. Prior to the invention of this system, the dentists had to bend the wires with the help of their hands. Now, the archwire can be heated to above 1000 Fahrenheit during the process of robotic customization.  

There are many advantages of  3D digital orthodontics—elimination of complicated and messy impressions, great comfort to patients, better accuracy and reduction of chair time. Moreover, with 3D digital imaging, the scan can be easily transferred to treatment software. This result in the proper adjustment of teeth.  Another important advantage is the computer-aided generation of custom appliances. This results in better accuracy and precision. All in all, digital 3D orthodontics is more efficient than other teeth straightening technology. More and more people have been tremendously benefitted by this modern teeth whitening system. It has gained immense popularity among fashionistas, who are deeply concerned with the alignment of their teeth. There is not any risk in this treatment.

In sum, in modern civilization, 3D digital orthodontics system has proved itself a boon for people. The alignment of teeth plays a very important role in grooming people’s personality. Over time, with excessive eating, they get mispositioned and give an ugly to people. 3D digital orthodontics teeth whitening system is easy to use for the dentists and they do not mess up with it. It develops a good coordination between dentists and patients. The system is easy going and does not involve any drills and noises. Nor are there any disadvantages of using this appliance. Nowadays, this teeth whitening method is available in all the leading dental hospitals at an affordable price. It is available for all sorts of people, regardless of their ages.

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