Dealing With Joint Pain

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The human body owes much of its mobility and flexibility to the numerous joints in the body. Without functioning joints, body parts like neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, fingers, waist, hip, knee, ankle and toes will become dysfunctional. This is why joint pain is a serious issue that can have a significant negative impact on our lives.

Why Joint Pain?

Joint Pain

Joints are delicate and complex mechanisms made up of bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. Common reasons for joint pain include normal wear and tear accompanying old age, excess strain due to obesity-related issues, trauma caused by physical or sports injuries, or medical problems like arthritis that result in degeneration of bones and muscles around our joints.

Since old age and normal wear and tear too is a reason, even fit and healthy persons can end up suffering from joint pain. The ability of the body to heal itself gets impaired with old age, and the biggest impact of this impairment is often seen in the form of joint pain.

Is Joint Pain Preventable?

Just because joint pain is very common does not mean it should be treated as an unavoidable problem. Taking the right steps to prevent joint pain can, with a bit of luck, help you avoid the problem altogether. If not, then such measures will definitely help you defer this problem to the maximum extent possible. There are also supplements that are often effective.

Joint Pain

Keep the following points in mind if you wish to remain free of joint pain and its related complications.

  • Focus on physical fitness because strain on joints due to excess flab in the body can speed up the degradation of your joints. A flabby upper body will put tremendous strain on joints in your waist, hip, knee, ankle, and toes.
  • Don’t ignore the upper body. A fit person who spends a lot of time behind a desk or staring at a computer can end with joint pain in the neck, shoulders, and hands. A good posture, regular work out of all the joint of the body, and a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in preventing joint pain.
  • Look beyond medications and focus on the root cause of your joint pain. Your family’s medical and genetic history too may make your susceptible to pain in the joints. Keep this in mind when tackling the problem of joint pain. An onset of arthritis cannot be overcome by popping painkillers.
  • Warm up before exercising or playing a sport. Starting your exercise routine without warming up is the worst thing you can do to your joints. Spending 15 minutes working out your joints and warming up can help you negate the risk of joint pain from sports injuries.

As you can see, reducing risk of joint pain is a matter of using your common sense and leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. Since joint pain can occur due to a wide range of reasons, it makes sense to try to prevent this problem from occurring today instead of trying to find a cure for the same in the future.

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