Ditch The Juice Cleanse, and Try This 4-Step Life Cleanse Instead

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Ditch The Juice Cleanse, and Try This 4-Step Life Cleanse Instead

Everyone’s talking about going on a juice cleanse; next, they will probably tell you to go on a gluten-free, soy—basically an ice cube diet.

The problem is that these are pretty temporary solutions to what are probably bigger problems in your life. If you’re settled in a career, with a family or by yourself, chances are you’re stuck in a routine that you can’t get out of.

Juice Cleanse

You’re feeling a bit a worn out, tired, and if you don’t do something now to rid your life of stress, you’re going to burn out.

So what if you tried to whole “ juice cleanse ” thing—but not just for your body; for your entire life in general?

Here’s how you would do it.


1.        Remove Those Toxic Friends

Juice Cleanse

You know how your body periodically rids itself of toxins and waste? You need to do that with your social network.

Chances are you have one or two people who are just taking up space in your life and are doing you more harm than good. But you keep them around because you don’t like confrontation, you don’t like change, or it’s just much easier for you not to do anything at all.

If you have another silly excuse, it’s probably just as bad as those ones—so don’t bother.

People who hurt you, make you feel bad about yourself, or anything else of the kind, are simply not worth your time. You only live once, so you might as well surround yourself with important people.

Of course, ridding yourself of toxic friends is easier said than done. The first and best option are just to talk to them and tell them how you feel. This could either result in a parting of ways or perhaps set your friendship on the road to recovery.

But confrontation is hard—most people shy away from the first option. The second thing you can do is simply prioritize over them. If you have other friends or commitments that require your time, they should come first over your toxic friend(s). Eventually, they will get the message (you’re mostly ghosting them, but with good reason).

Like I said, the first option is probably the best one.


2.        Plan a Trip

Juice Cleanse

You’re a functioning workaholic on the road to burnout. You know what you need? A break.

If you can’t get the time off or need to hold your savings for later, this doesn’t have to be a big trip to Cancun or a plan to hitchhike across Southeast Asia (unless that’s what you need).

This could be a weekend trip to a friend or family’s house, a day road trip, anything that helps you get away. The point is time off to clear your head can be relaxing and will help you be more productive in the long run. You will come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.


3.        Do An Assessment of Your Finances

Juice Cleanse

For the past few weeks, do you ever get a nagging feeling about your money situation as you decide whether you should order a drink or an actual meal at the restaurant?

You should never have to think twice about going out for a meal with a friend (unless it’s for health reasons).

For juice cleanse, do that thing that you’ve been scared to do for months, and just face it. Log into your online banking, snoop through your accounts and assess where you are financial.

This will help you plan for the future, and you will have a lot more peace of mind knowing exactly what your financial situation looks like instead of just guessing at where it is.

4.        Clean Your House and Rearrange Your Furniture

Juice Cleanse

When I say clean, I don’t mean the good old vacuum and dust. I mean, CLEANSE, rearrange HGTV type stuff.

Try moving around your furniture to re-invent your space. Turn something old into something new, without having to make a single house-ware purchase.

You know that intensely satisfying feeling when you buy new underwear, or tie—or whatever guilty pleasure you have? You can recreate the same feeling by refreshing your space to reflect a cleansed, happy environment. You will be able to leave and return home feeling rejuvenated.

And that’s how you would do it. Cleansing your life doesn’t have to be a massive, overwhelming process. It can just be a few simple steps targeted at refreshing different areas of your life. The best thing about it: it’s a full cleanse that won’t leave you desperate and hangry for a week.

I’d like to know if you’ve got any juice cleanse method that is simple, and how you access it in the opinions, I’d love to notice them also.

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Jose Leon is a Reiki Master Teacher and Registered Massage Therapist based in Vancouver, BC. He has over 16 years of experience as an educator and practitioner of energy healing and healthy lifestyle living. Jose currently runs Reiki sessions and classes at his own practice

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