Facts Regarding Fluoride Treatment

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When dental issues come up, it’s essential to have reliable and quick access to a compassionate dental team that has your best interests at heart. Knowing you have access to a dental team who can provide you with peace of mind and relief from anxiety surrounding the process of visiting a dentist.

Fluoride Treatment

The following material will discuss the importance and benefits associated with fluoride treatments, one of many services that a compassionate dentist may provide.

Common Dental Problems for Adults

Adults can experience many different types of oral health issues that may require immediate treatment from a skilled dental professional. The following problems can warrant a quick trip to your dentist:

1. Minor Cavities

Everyone is at risk of developing small cavities in their teeth. When these cavities are small, they’re relatively easy to repair. Here’s the deal: Allowing cavities to go untreated for a period of time can make them worse or lead to the development of a painful infection in the tooth. Fluoride can also help prevent cavities in many cases.

2. Plaque Build-up

Plaque is a sticky substance that can quickly build up on the surface of the teeth. A dental professional can thoroughly clean your teeth and remove unsightly and damaging plaque build-up.

3. Tooth Infections

When severe pain strikes a tooth suddenly, it may be due to an existing infection that has affected the tooth’s internal nerves and roots. Tooth infections can sometimes be a result of untreated cavities that worsen over time. Treatment options for tooth infections can include root canal therapy.

4. Gum Disease

Gum disease affects millions of people on an annual basis. When it’s caught early, it can be treated and managed much more efficiently.

5. Damaged or Broken Teeth

In some cases, facial trauma from sports or accidents can lead to broken or damaged teeth. A caring and skilled dental professional can repair damaged teeth, restoring their aesthetic appearance and usefulness.

What is the Purpose of a Fluoride Application?

You may be wondering: What is so special about fluoride? Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that can be found in water, soil, and many types of common foods. When minerals are lost from the surface of a tooth, the enamel that serves as a protection on the outer surface of the tooth can weaken. As a result, damage and cavities can occur over a period. Fluoride is one mineral that can help to make your teeth stronger and more resistant to erosion and cavities.

How is Fluoride Applied?

In addition to the fluoride that is added to some types of toothpaste and mouthwash, your dentist can perform a fluoride application that can help protect your teeth. In most cases, the liquid or gel fluoride formula is simply brushed onto the surface of your teeth following a routine cleaning. After the fluoride has been allowed to sit for a specific period, it will be rinsed away, leaving behind stronger teeth that are more resistant to damage and decay.

What Benefits Can Fluoride Application Offer?

Acidic foods, excessive amounts of sugar, and poor oral hygiene can all lead to a breakdown of the enamel that protects the surface of the teeth. When the enamel becomes threatened, it can weaken enough to allow cavities to form. Fluoride applications can be performed periodically to help protect the teeth from damage and decay. This can be especially helpful for areas of the mouth where toothbrushes and dental floss have a hard time reaching.

Aren’t Fluoride Applications Meant for Children?

You may find yourself thinking: I thought fluoride was something that young children need. Yes, this is true to a degree. Many children do benefit greatly from the regular application of fluoride. For example, children are notorious for consuming sugary soft drinks, candy, and other foods that can lead to tooth decay. Children also often lack proper oral hygiene skills, leaving them at an increased risk of tooth decay.

However, adults can also benefit from fluoride applications for some reasons. Needing a fluoride application doesn’t signify that you don’t take good care of your teeth. Some adults have teeth that fit very closely together, however, and they can have a hard time cleaning between them successfully. Other circumstances can also call for the periodic use of fluoride applications in adults.

Why Dietary Choices are an Important Part of Oral Health

While there are naturally existing sources of fluoride, this isn’t always enough to make up for the damage that acidic or sugary foods can do to the teeth. Although this is true, it is still crucial for adults to maintain a healthy diet as much as possible. For example, resisting the urge to consume a lot of sweet treats can help protect the teeth from decay. Additionally, consuming adequate amounts of leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is beneficial for excellent oral health. These foods also supply a steady stream of nutrients that can help keep your teeth healthy.

What Else Should I Do to Maintain Good Oral Health?

In the face of all existing limitations, it’s wise to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine. For most people, this includes brushing and flossing the teeth at least twice per day. Regular visits with your dental team can identify and address existing problems promptly, therefore preventing them from turning into major issues. Your skilled dental team can perform the necessary preventative procedures required to keep your mouth in great shape for years to come.

Fluoride is just one tool at the disposal of your dental team that can help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Our dental clinic can help you understand the many ways you can go about keeping a healthy smile for life.

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