How Many Calories Can You Burn On An Electric Bike?

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It’s so easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle nowadays. And honestly, we don’t blame you for that. It’s so easy to lie in bed and stream your favorite series on Netflix than go out and have an afternoon gym or yoga session. 

In falling into this kind of lifestyle, we tend to develop even more unhealthy habits like eating more junk and falling into unsustainable coping mechanisms that can help affect our mood and our mental health as a whole. What else happens when we live a sedentary lifestyle? We tend to take in more calories! Yikes. 

The obvious solution to this is: proper exercise and spending more time outdoors! Some people think that they don’t need to allot time for exercise anymore because they already have occasional movements for the day. But we know this isn’t true. Not to mention, it’s not even close to the bare minimum in caring for one’s health. To stay healthy, we must go out of our way by abandoning all our distractions and start getting moving in nature! But why nature? Studies have shown that people tend to be happier when they go outside. So, what’s the best way you can do to burn those calories, stay healthy, and live happier? Ride an electric bike!

You might be wondering, “What’s so special about an electric bike?” We get you. You can get your exercise in many ways, like applying for a gym subscription, going to dance or yoga classes, or even just by following workout videos on the internet. It’s true that you can lose calories from all these activities. But riding an e-bike can make your exercise more enjoyable because you can spend more time outdoors. Plus, you can burn more calories than you can imagine. 

On average, you can burn 300-400 calories for every hour of cycling with an e-bike. If you are in for a longer haul, then the more calories you are going to burn!

It’s a common misconception that e-bikes are for lazy people who want to ride a bike but aren’t willing enough to exert effort in pedaling. This is not true at all! It’s a motorbike that they are describing, not an e-bike.

An electric bike is an electricity-powered bicycle that can help you travel farther and enjoy more exciting adventures outdoors. 

Picture this: regular bikes can only do so much. They are lighter, and all of the power that keeps them going comes from only you, whereas e-bikes are sturdier and technology-powered and can help you go the extra mile. 

If you want to have a consistent fat-burning session, you only want to lose calories and not experience overfatigue, then an electric bike is the perfect choice. So, if you want to know more about electric bikes and how they work, check out the Ultimate Electric Bike Guide!

And while we’re at it, we’ll give you a quick tour around the electric bike world by showing you the most common types of e-bikes up to date:

Step-Thru Electric Bikes: Ideal for women, a step-thru electric bike is suitable for smooth sailing around the streets. This type of electric bike is accessible for short riders and women who wear dresses or skirts with its classic step-through frame design.

Folding Electric Bikes: If space is a problem for you, you might consider getting a folding electric bike. Not only does it save so much space, but it also has the same level of power and technology as the other regular-sized electric bikes. Most folding e-bikes are made with a lightweight frame for easy handling and transporting. 

Cargo Electric Bikes: Do you have a business that requires a utility service or kids you need to take with you wherever? An electric cargo bike would be ideal for you. It serves a wide array of purposes, from moving boxes of loads to carrying child seats and more. This type of electric bike possesses immense power in its motor and battery, so choose which one you’ll take!

Electric Mountain Bikes – planning a weekend getaway somewhere in the woods? How about an e-bike that will add fun and thrill to your outdoor activities? An electric mountain bike, from the name itself, is designed to take on challenging trails and hills. You can conveniently go through muddy and rocky roads with an e-bike as most of this type has suspension forks that reduce the impact on wheels.

Electric Road Bikes: As the name suggests, an electric road bike is best used on paved concrete roads. With skinny tires, an electric road bike will give a fast and smooth ride for its riders. Although a conventional road bike comes with drop-down handlebars, an electric road bike has flat handlebars. Great for road riding, touring, or randonneuring, an electric road bike has got your back.

Electric Hunting Bikes: One of the most powerful types of electric bikes today is the electric hunting bike. If you’re an avid hunter, angler, or adventure seeker, this one is definitely your type. Electric hunting bikes have impressive electric motors, battery range, speed, and build. However, they also come at a high price, but they are indeed worth every penny.

There are countless different types of electric bikes roaming around the world today, but these are the most common ones. And if you’re still unsure which one you fancy the most, here’s a collection of the best electric bikes of 2021 for your reference.

Here’s a harsh truth that you need to know: your calories won’t go away on their own. If you are living an inactive lifestyle but unhappy with the state of your health, you will need to help yourself by imposing a radical change in your lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising outdoors. 

It’s only daunting at first because you are doing something new and unfamiliar. But we assure you, once you get the knack out of it, you’ll be addicted to releasing your happy hormones and sweating all those calories out! 

No other exercise can be as fun as cycling with an e-bike. You just have to start, and you’ll thank yourself later!

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