How To Manage Stress With Meditation Walking

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Silent killer; bait for the bigger fishes (dangerous illnesses) is the perfect description for stress. Stress is a major attraction for other kinds of illnesses, the bedrock of more to come. It is usually normal to be tensed and stressed, anxiety might also slip in but it is more essential to get rid of it. Stress relief has certain procedures you can choose from. A stress ball might not be what you need to get your mind off things. A toy ball might just not do the trick, ever tried meditation walking. Sounds strange, right? 

Meditation walking is totally different from your regular walks or strolls. This is an art of walking consciously; completely aware of the steps and breaths you take.  Meditation walk requires more of drawing in breaths per step with full consciousness. Taking a rest at all times might just not be enough, you need fresh air. 

Heads up: You tend to be distracted when taking a meditation walk. It’s okay to be but you have to immediately redirect your thoughts to the present and feel the breeze as you take your baby steps. Consistency is the code for effectiveness. 

Its Foredeal: 

It provides you the ability to be more focused even when you are on the run. You wouldn’t have to worry too much. Nothing kills anxiety faster than a meditation walk. Better productivity on your end is assured. It helps you to gather your thoughts properly and fights against extreme fatigue. Taking meditation walks not only alleviates stressful thoughts and anxiety but also builds your stamina. It improves mental sharpness by increasing the blood flow to the brain. 

Preliminary Notes

Select A Walking Spot

Many people always neglect this procedure, considered unimportant but it is. You have to choose a spot with a minimum or no distraction. Similar to meditating on a spot, you stay in a place where you can’t be distracted and focus on the breaths you take in. A flat surface where you don’t have to walk through rough patches is the right catch. Choose a spot where you can admire nature’s beauty, a silent environment is appropriate. You don’t really have to go outside, if your compound can do the bid, then go for it. It could be a rooftop or balcony. 

Pick A Time

To be honest, picking a specific time might be a little difficult if you are a busy person. You must have heard that taking morning walks is the best but have you also imagined evening walks. My advice is that you pick a convenient time and be faithful to your course. 

How To

  • Don some comfortable clothing and pick out a convenient time to set out.  If you have a busy schedule, try to squeeze it into your schedule. 
  • Walk at a comfortable pace and pay strict attention to your body movements and sensations. No specified pace given, be spontaneous. Feel your body weight on your feet as you walk. Don’t forget, meditation walks is also a way of exercising so you have to take it seriously. Stay focused and savor every moment and sensation. 
  • Concentrate on your breaths take in as well, you can try taking in long breaths after every two to three steps. Focusing might be hard but if you combine a recitation a. k. a mantra will be just perfect. 
  • The challenge people face during meditation walks is concentration. Distractions just always seem to be unending. You have to take preventive measures against it. Your thoughts might run wild but you have to call it back home. Doing that might be difficult which is why lyricless music is prescribed but you have to be careful. The music itself could be distracting. Don’t be the Alice in the wonderland but pay close attention to your steps and breaths. 

Insightful Tips 

You can imbibe a safety check method to call yourself back from your thoughts whenever you’re distracted. Could be a pat or pinch to gear you back to reality. 

Don’t too focused on the amount of time you spend walking. Instead, be more committed and consistent with the act. 

While walking, you can try out different paces and breaths. Humming also helps to keep focus.

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Jose Leon is a Reiki Master Teacher and Registered Massage Therapist based in Vancouver, BC. He has over 16 years of experience as an educator and practitioner of energy healing and healthy lifestyle living. Jose currently runs Reiki sessions and classes at his own practice

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