Dhyana Yoga Meditation for soul awakening

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A human existence is a priceless gift of God. The Lord does no longer have a more gift than this to offer his cherished creatures. Its specialties and potentials are so incredible that its consequences can handiest amaze us. This present has been given to us to fulfill divine goals. But it’s far our ill-fate that we’ve forgotten our divine nature, God’s gift and the purpose/ significance of a human life. Neither can we recognize our divine capacity, nor the Lord’s purpose, information or dhyana yoga meditation. We’re straying some distance away in this darkish, gloomy world. This forgetfulness is abnormal. People commonly neglect objects and additionally what they have study, heard and so on. A person whom we had acknowledged inside the past is now a stranger for us, due to the fact we’ve got forgotten him. However it’s miles rare to find a person who forgets himself. We assume ourselves to be a frame with name and form. We desire what our thoughts goals, we look upon the body’s desires as our very own need. The body and thoughts are the two wheels of the chariot of our existence. But we’ve completely forgotten that we’re the soul and not the body. No question we listen again and again that the body isn’t the same as the soul. However it’s far very uncommon that someone simply reviews this fact. Or even if we revel in it, it’s far in a completely hazy way. If we apprehend genuine truth and the distinction among the lifestyles-pressure and peripherals that manifests in our attention, we will give high significance to soul nicely-being. We’d deliver handiest that plenty importance to cloth objects as is needed. Nowadays we’re walking with ft devoid of shoes and enhance our motors with frills of gold. We are death of starvation and give clarified butter to motors. “We” means the soul and automobile manner frame or thoughts. The Lord is serving his servants. It’s far indeed unusual that he has forgotten his duty.

Dhyana Yoga Meditation


Dhyana Yoga Meditation

Attaining THE SOUL’S aim

The purpose of existence is to obtain self-achievement. This self-fulfilled country can most effective be at the extent of divinity. With a view to reap God, the thoughts must get focused on him. Before constructing essential buildings, their maps, plans and models are designed. An engineer, architect and so forth. Will construct buildings primarily based on these fashions. An photo of God together with his characteristics, sports and nature is achieved for the cause of meditation. As a end result one experiences nearness, oneness and a sense of merging of God. That is the actual nature of meditation.

The aim of dhyana yoga meditation is to regain our lost memory concerning our real nature. If someone takes place to regain it, it’s far sincerely corresponding to a person popping out of a very scary dream. It’s far simplest then that one reviews a circumstance akin to a child being lost in a large crowd or like that of a person who has lost the reminiscence of his identity. The ones present process such anguish, revel in a extraordinary loss and that they hurt their close to and expensive ones. In view that we’ve lost our memory (that we are the powerful soul and no longer the body), our circumstance is as demeaning as a infant lion being delivered up in a family of goats. As a result we’re giving ache to our proper nature, that is divinity.

The purpose of dhyana yoga meditation is to conquer loss of memory i.E. To evoke to the truth that we are the soul and no longer the body. In that one recalls God and one reviews one’s soul nature. The reminiscence of the union of a residing being (Jiva) and God (Brahman) is re-activated and one experiences, that this very Divine power touch became broken by means of us, is in fact our Divine mom and Benefactor. Not best this however like the proverbial desire-enjoyable cow (Kamadhenu), it’s so effective that by using consuming its nectarine milk, we gain divinity. By sitting inside the shade of a wish-pleasant tree (Kalpavriksha) you can actually achieve some thing. After contacting, coming near that Divine Centre, one does not lack some thing and as a consequence we will overcome all styles of poverty. Accordingly dhyana yoga meditation helps us acquire this intention.

Dhyana Yoga Meditation

It is not something great to achieve Divine Powers. It need to be covered from any sort of wastage and should never be misused. The benefits of achieving Divine Powers are encountered when they’re collected in a secure vicinity and that they may be applied only for sacred tasks.

Due to warmness, a variety of water of the oceans gets transformed to steam. A lot steams rises into the environment from cooking fuel, hearth etc. All this goes in waste. But in an engine, a little bit of water is transformed to steam. This steam isn’t allowed to stray in the environment and is in truth accrued in a tank. Later its power float passes out of a small hollow and reaches the piston. Because of this small technique, the engine of a train starts offevolved functioning. No longer simplest does it pass however it runs at a exquisite speed. Its movement is so powerful that it tugs alongwith it many different booths at a excessive velocity.

If tons of gun powder are unfold out at the floor and lit with a suit-stick, it’s going to display a touch mild for a flash of a moment and then get burnt to ashes. This is a complete wastage and is of no use to us. But if it is enclosed in a small place of a gun and by urgent the trigger a touch, sparks of fire touch the gunpowder, this infinitesimal gunpowder offers great outcomes. The bullet runs at a monstrous speed to its target. Anyplace it lands, it topples that item. One could therefore virtually observe the difference among just lighting up heaps of gunpowder with a matchstick and however, lighting up a minute quantity of gun powder in a gun.

Dhyana Yoga Meditation

The rays of solar light are scattered all over the earth. Every day the solar rises after which units within the evening. This sunlight can supply simplest a touch warmth and mild to us. However if some sunrays are concentrated on paper the use of a unique lens, the paper starts burning. If it’s miles thrown in a large jungle, a forest fireplace ensues which destroys that whole vicinity to ashes.

At some stage in Draupadi’s Swayamvar (selecting you personal groom), the circumstance for buying married to her become that the prospective bridegroom ought to pierce the attention of a chicken located at a distance with an arrow. Dronacharya changed into helping his college students to master this art. Before his students aimed an arrow, Dronacharya would ask them as to what they had been seeing. On a median the scholars would say which are seeing a chook on the tree. As a result Dronacharya would declare that such students could by no means succeed. While it become Arjun’s turn, he responded that i will most effective see the bird’s eye and nothing else. Consequently Dronacharya declared that Arjun would virtually prevail. Certainly on the Swayamvara rite of Draupadi, Arjun pierced the eye of the hen with one unmarried arrow and accordingly got married to Draupadi.

It’s far said that a flying creature called a buzzing bee catches maintain of a caterpillar and continues to buzz in the front of it. As a result of constantly listening to the thrill of the bee and visualizing the bee’s shape, the mental nation of the caterpillar becomes that of a bee. The caterpillar starts wondering itself to be a humming bee. As a end result the body of the caterpillar takes the shape of a buzzing bee as opposed to a grown up butterfly. Zoologists may additionally doubt this but it is a precise fact that each time guy concentrates/ focuses his thoughts on a particular call and form, his thoughts too takes up the name, form and characteristics of that object. Because of focusing her mind on splendor and kids, a prostitute regains her beauty to a super volume at a complicated age too. However, many younger males and females look elderly due to the fact their minds are all the time thinking of hardships and dire instances. All this is a end result of focusing one’s mind on a selected excellent/ terrible idea. This will be intentional or unintentional.

Non secular concentration way to forestall the mind from straying faraway from its middle and that when focusing one’s Divine Powers at one central focal factor, one should make use of the same for sacred endeavors handiest. This is called manipulate of thoughts or focusing of the psyche in spiritual texts. A lot of discussion takes region regarding dhyana yoga meditation. It should be surmised as an artwork of concentrating one’s thoughts. Whilst we hear about it, its success seems mediocre however in reality, it’s miles a awesome fulfillment. When one masters this artwork, man by focusing his scattered aware strength in one place, makes use of it for a few sacred motive and accordingly attains fantastic fulfillment.

Water is filled in dams. But whilst it’s miles ejected from a small beginning, a flow of it flows at smash neck velocity because of water stress generated by way of the dam. This flow has first rate power. Its impact aids the movement of wheels of many machines and as a result those machines begin moving. The development of huge electric powered powerhouses takes area near enormous dams. It is very luxurious to generate energy the usage of engines and machines but hydroelectricity is affordably operated near dams. Close to smaller waterfalls, you’ve got water generators. The ensuing energy is not due to the circulate of water but it is due to its attention. By using focusing a sizable vicinity in a smaller area, you generate strength.

The intention of dhyana yoga meditation is to concentrate mental thought scattering in a single small area of idea. The extra an character succeeds in concentrating his thoughts, the more his psyche will radiate with power. Like an arrow of word, it is easy for him to reap his goal. If spirituality is his goal, he will strengthen spiritually and his psyche will radiate with Ridhi-Sidhi or what are referred to as Divine Powers. If the goal is cloth progress, we are able to gain this purpose too. In whichever appropriate route this power is used, it will attain proper dividends.

Awareness/ focusing approach overcoming the wasteful scattering of the thought waves of our thoughts. With the aid of obstructing the water waft of a small circulation, a dam is created and accordingly a small pond, lake is created. Then artificial streams are made from this lake which offer water to far off arid regions. If this stream were no longer converted into a dam, it’d have lashed on the seashores and triggered wasteful flooding in surrounding areas. This will cause fabric destruction in that region. One must not appearance upon the notion drift in our thoughts as much less vital whilst as compared to a hydroelectricity generator. The electricity of an energy powerhouse is limited and might transmit power to a very restricted vicinity in its vicinity. But this can’t be said approximately the thoughts. Its capability of today can be augmented limitless fold in the future. Its region of influence that is today constrained to the circle of relatives and pals will in destiny encompass the whole international.

Commonly humans of amazing authority like scientists, philosophers, artists, scholars, sculptors, authors, managers, leaders and so on are like regular laymen. Their frame is very regular and their minds lack a paranormal wand. Something difference one perceives in them alongwith the miracle of their greatness, is a result in their inner unique characteristics which in turn are related to the focusing ability in their thoughts and their steadfastness in accomplishing the desired aim. Every person possesses infinite amount of highbrow power. To the volume that weak brained individuals too have plenty of radiance. The distinction simplest is this that a few have activated this radiance and the rest have not executed so. Even a very wise character is sort of a lifeless corpse while he’s in deep sleep. However on waking up, he manifests his intellectual brilliance. This holds real for the mind too. Because of sure situations, the intellectual powers of a few human beings stays latent and hence look vulnerable intellectually. But if their mind is activated with effort, now not handiest will they be as extraordinary as other clever humans however now and again they’ll march beforehand of them too.

Everybody is aware of that many threads unite collectively to form a strong rope and lots of broomsticks join together to form a broom. Many drops of water represent a jugful of water. This example is given to simply accept the truth that by means of obstructing the wayward scattering of the mind, possible cognizance/ pay attention one’s idea waves at a focal point. You possibly can effortlessly keep in mind that wayward scattering of thoughts in diverse guidelines diminishes our mental prowess and that if these thoughts are focused at one single factor, it will supply us stunning mental strength.

By using advancing mental awareness, tremendous scientists, Yogis, philosophers and so forth. Input the deep ocean called the thoughts and therefore accumulate priceless jewels. People who just go with the flow at the floor of the sea, reap nothing however those who dive deep into it, acquire valuable materials. Superficial thinking is like a wayward blade of grass moving aimlessly here and there. Alternatively focusing one’s concept waves at a single point within the psyche through meditation gives wonderful effects.

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