Importance Of Doing Timely Kids Eye Test!

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The importance of doing kids eye test in time goes beyond just checking for blurry vision. After all your eyes is the window to your body. You should perform timely eye check up of your kids to protect their overall health and wellness. Have a look at some of the important reasons behind timely eye test of your kids.

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Do you know about 80% of what you expect from your kids to learn in as well as outside their classroom needs good vision? Kid’s eye test is one of the best ways to make sure they can see things very clearly and properly. It helps them in achieving success in their school and they can concentrate on their study more comfortably. Not only studies but also for sports and other activities as well.

Reasons To Conduct Kids Eye Test: 

1. Myopia Is Becoming Epidemic: 

The number of kids who are developing myopia is increasing more than ever. A large number of kids are getting nearsightedness at a very early age. Kids having myopic at a very early age will experience a very worse and rapid progression of near sightedness throughout the childhood. This puts them in a high risk of getting serious and potential eye condition later in their life. This includes cataracts, glaucoma as well as retinal detachment. When you schedule a kid’s eye test in regular interval, you can easily detect the risk of developing myopia. When it is detected early, the control measures available for myopia can be applied for slowing down the myopia progression.

2. The Vision Screenings Are Not A Substitute For Eye Exam: 

Mostly parents are made to believe that if their kids are seeing things properly in their vision screening. Some adults also think that their kids passed the vision screening test in their schools and they perform well in their school exams, so they do not need any eye test for their kids. You should know that vision screenings are done only to rule out the existing serious vision problems. Only an extensive kids eye test can help an optometrist in making sure that your kids vision is perfectly all right and they are free from all kinds of serious eye diseases. You need to secure the future of your kids and you need to detect the potential eye problems of your kids. In this case, kid’s eye test is mandatory. 

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3. Glaucoma: 

Out of all potential eye diseases, glaucoma is sneakiest. It is because they don’t have any symptoms in most of the cases. It will not alert that something is going wrong. People who miss their regular eye exam and start develop glaucoma become aware of it when they sustain permanent vision loss from that disease. Without timely treatment, this disease often leads to blindness. If you want to detect eye pressure early along with other risk factors, then it’s better to go for annual kids eye test. Vision screenings can’t do anything to recognize glaucoma.

4. Kids Eye Test Can Helps In Detecting Other Serious Eye Problems: 

Do you know most of the people get to know that they have some serious health problems like high BP, high cholesterol, diabetes through a comprehensive Kids eye test. During comprehensive kids eye test, your eye doctor can easily detect some potential risks like diabetes, hypertension etc. and they can prescribe proper medicines to your kids to avoid such issues.

Never make the mistake of putting your kids eye test off. Schedule it today. Even if you think your kids have perfect vision, a comprehensive test is one of the best way for protecting their overall health as well as wellness. Contact your eye doctor for an eye exam today!

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