Look Younger By Enhancing Skeletal Muscle

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Skeletal muscle, also called voluntary muscle is the largest body organ. Tendons attach the muscle to the bones. The primary function of skeletal muscle is to produce body parts movement. Connective tissues bind the fibers together and provide communication pathways with blood vessels and nerves. Apart from movement, voluntary muscles play vital roles in supporting body posture and position, homeostasis regulation functions, and other physiological functions like defecation, swallowing, and urination.

Skeletal Muscle

What Causes Skeletal Muscle to Deteriorate? 

As we age, muscles lose flexibility. Since properly functioning skeletal muscles are vital for movement and performance, muscle wasting, and reduced functionality is a concern that needs a solution if we are to outlive age-related morbidities. The most notable cause of skeletal muscle degeneration is the loss of muscle fibers and reduced muscle cells. The aging process of a human being involves changes in the metabolic activities and the amount of energy supplied to muscles during contractions. As such, when aiming to enhance skeletal muscle, we should focus on fitness, a good diet, supplements, and active lifestyle.

How to Improve Skeletal Muscle For a Youthful Look

Dieting Right

Eating right is staying healthy; garbage in is outright garbage out! Since one of the major factors that cause muscle degeneration is an antioxidant imbalance in muscle cells, having a diet full of polyphenols is paramount. Polyphenols are phytochemicals containing antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize free oxygen radicals providing relief from oxidative stress as well as postpone age-related conditions like neurodegenerative disorders and osteoporosis. Polyphenols are available in vast amounts in unprocessed foods like raw fruits and vegetables. Studies indicate that these antioxidants have the ability to enhance one’s skeletal muscles and also prevent muscle deterioration. The polyphenols play a vital role in preventing age-related mitochondrion malfunction in the skeletal muscle and restore the maximum energy producing capacity of the cells. In a nutshell, start on a healthy diet while young and grow old looking youthful and feeling young.

Exercise for Fitness

Increasing muscle stamina is one of the best ways to stay young despite your age. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of any cell. Resistant training and endurances enhance the number of these power cells in skeletal muscles for maximum energy production. Power overrides fatigue and keeps the muscles alert for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Aerobic and resistance training dilated blood vessels, boosts muscles capillary build-up, and increase glycolysis and other oxidative enzyme activity. Why oxidative reactions? The thing is anaerobic energy production, a process that does not need oxygen, results in a lactic acid build-up in muscles causing fatigue and in long-term, muscle degeneration. Additionally, endurance training stimulates muscle growth and keeps existing muscles in a healthy condition for a youthful and rejuvenated look. Take control of how you look by becoming a die-hard fan of keeping fit.


Now that your unhealthy diets are a bygone and your sedentary lifestyle transformed in a staying fit royalist, it is time to complement your efforts with nutritional products that will enhance your skeletal muscles for a more youthful and sunny disposition. Tongkat Ali is a plant indigenous to Malay and Indonesia. For centuries, the natives have used Tongkat Ali as an herbal remedy to boost and facilitate muscle growth while keeping fat and cortisol at bay. Tongkat ali stimulates the production of testosterone a hormone that rejuvenates the body, causes muscle build-up and strengthens existing muscles, maintains a lean body, activates a dying sex life, and also increases overall physical performance without triggering adrenaline. Purchasing the best Tongkat Ali is the ubiquitous choice for bodybuilders and athletes looking forward to ameliorating endurance, stamina, performance, and virility naturally without the use of steroids and synthetic drugs. Research has verified all the mentioned benefits; here we keep things factual and realistic.


Last but not least. Leverage in the goodness and health benefits of sleep. As noted earlier, anaerobic energy production results in lactic acid production which in turn causes fatigue. In reality, fatigue results from impairments of the neurotransmitters, factors that facilitate communication between muscles and blood vessels. When the neurotransmitters are unavailable, there is weakened electrical stimulation which leads to inefficiency and exhaustion after that. While diet and exercise preload these neurotransmitters, they cannot supplant rest, sleep or recovery. As such you need to rest and sleep every day to improve muscle efficiency. Rest allows the body to rid itself of accumulated toxins like lactic acid. Sleep is the best way to help your body restore phosphocreatine for enhanced neurotransmission and the resultant vibrant look.


Now you know what to do to look younger through skeletal muscle enhancement. The tips mentioned above will need a lot of boots-tracking and discipline. However, the ultimate result is worth the effort. With this lifestyle, you can comfortably count down your years happily as each day promises a youthful look with virility.

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