5 Ways To Break Away From Self-Sabotage in Weight Loss Struggles

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Among other reasons that can cause weight loss struggles like eating back all the calories you lost during exercises, relying only on exercise to lose weight, doing the wrong exercises and not keeping a regular schedule of your exercises, self-sabotage is another reason that you might not be losing weight. It is awkward to work hard on losing weight only to tear down the efforts with self-sabotage. This is the main reason why self-sabotage is such a significant concept to discuss and how one will break the chains of self-sabotage in their struggle to lose weight. Self-sabotage can be as a result of not caring anymore about your situation, having very close familial ties with food or fear of leaving your spouse. All these are detrimental to any weight loss efforts but there have been proposed 5 ways to break away from such self-sabotage.

5 Ways To Break Away From Self-Sabotage in Weight Loss Struggles

Weight Loss Struggles

  1. Practice long-term discipline

For most people struggling with weight loss, lack of motivation is the main cause of their struggles with weight loss. They always know which diet to take in order to reduce their body weight but they lack the motivation and discipline to continue with the right diet and designed exercise schedule or program for them. This problem can only be solved through consistency in exercising and adhering to the prescribed diet to help you in weight loss and it can only be achieved through long-term discipline on self.

  1. Practice to care about yourself

The first step to a successful weight loss effort is to care about yourself. You must be aware of the dangers that obese and overweight people are exposed to. Overweight adults are mainly vulnerable to high blood pressure, breathing problems when asleep, gout, diabetes and more complicated dysfunctions such as the stroke. Caring about your health will help you break away from not caring about yourself. This will help you to maintain and practice the long-term discipline and motivation required to successfully reduce your body weight.

  1. Never give up on the weight loss schedule

It would be tragic to suddenly give up on the program aimed at reducing your body weight. Instead, one should be dedicated to reducing their body weight to a level that can increase his or her fitness and health status. Abandoning the schedule and not caring about your weight is not only acceptable but self-injuring. Keeping a check on your weight is always for the greatest benefit to yourself and giving up on this program would be costly and time wasting. You should seek professional assistance if you feel like you cannot continue with the schedule. Probably, the schedule can be adjusted to your favor but still achieve the objective of losing weight.

  1. Never say never

Weight Loss Struggles

Never say you cannot lose your weight. It should all start from self-motivation and then express the will to lose weight by seeking professional advice, receiving a program for the weight loss and then following it diligently. Should you come to think that you cannot lose your weight no matter what, try to get motivation by reading up on testimonies and experiences about people’s struggles to lose weight on the internet and magazines. You will realize no matter what or who you are, you can lose your weight and achieve fitness just like any other person. A strong self-will will help.

  1. Do not be contented with your current state

You must understand that keeping a regular check on your weight is a best practice in leading a healthy life which reduces the chances of any weight-related diseases and complications. Do not be afraid that your friends and spouse will leave you if you became thin and healthy. Talk to your spouse and make him or her understand the importance of observing an easy program to reduce your weight and if they are supportive, they will join you in the noble course.


If you observe the five factors discussed on how to free yourself from self-sabotage on weight loss efforts, then you will live a whole happy life with your parents, friends or spouse.

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