Natural Baby Acne Home Remedies

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Baby acne is a serious skin disease for babies that keep them lazy and irritated when parents are not able to find any solution to treat acne. Usually, the acne appears to be the red bumps on the face of babies. Normally, the acne covers the face, legs, arms, neck, and back of a baby. Infants and newborn are the most likely victims of acne. Looking at the range of baby acne diseases, we should immediately look for baby acne treatment to provide baby a sigh of relief. How baby acne can be fixed?

What Causes Baby Acne:

  • Hormones (maternal or infant)
  • Yeast
  • Probiotic Imbalance
  • Medication Reaction

Types of Baby Acne or Rash:

  • Baby Eczema
  • Milia
  • Cradle Cap
  • Heat Rash
  • Mongolian spots

How to get rid of baby acne? Whenever we look at the treatments of acne, natural baby acne remedies play a vital role in fixing acne. What causes baby acne? This seems to be the most interesting part of the discussion that what is the cause of acne. Looking at the cause of acne, we come to know that some viral infections attack babies that cause acne, even allergic reaction also cause acne. To find the best baby acne natural treatment, can be visited.

Here are some best acne remedies that can help a baby to recover fast from acne. Unrefined coconut oil is the best thing to use on baby acne. It can be used as a moisturizer that provides comfort to the baby. Just apply some drops of coconut oil on the cotton ball and apply gently on the affected areas. Keep repeating the process for several days, the baby acne on face will disappear. The oil is also effective for rashes and scars!

Breast milk is one of the best things to apply on baby acne. Breast milk is absolutely ideal for rashes and acne as it contains nourishment that provides great comfort to the baby. It’s a natural elixir for the acne and some skin specialists also recommend this treatment for acne.

Other than following the remedy of using breast milk, vinegar is another item that can be used for treating acne. Vinegar is very effective for reducing bacteria and skin infections. But never use vinegar directly on the face of baby, mix it up with at least 10 parts of water to make a new remedy. Dip that mixture into cotton and apply on affected areas. Never apply vinegar directly on the face of a baby because it can affect the skin of a baby. Using vinegar is the best baby acne treatment for some babies. Further, if the skin of your baby is not suitable for this remedy, then don’t use.

There are so many kitchen products can be used for treating acne. The mixture of honey and lemon is another great remedy that can provide nourishment to the skin. If your baby has sensitive skin, then this particular remedy of lemon and honey can fix all acne on your baby’s face. Apply the mixture of lemon and honey for minutes and don’t wash the face for about 30 minutes. Baby acne on face can easily go away by using this helpful remedy! Keep reading to know more about some tested remedies to treat baby acne.

Baby Acne Treatment with Natural Remedies:

These are the tested home remedies for baby acne, which assist in getting rid of infant acne immediately.

Vinegar to Treat Baby Acne:

Vinegar is best for healing baby acne. Its anti-bacterial properties will assist in kills the bacteria and remove unwanted oil and dirt out of the infant skin. Don’t try concentrated vinegar; otherwise, it irritates and burns up the baby’s skin. You can dilute it with water.

  • Get an empty bowl
  • Then, add a part of vinegar and 10 part of the water in it, mix both very well
  • Once done, dip a cotton ball into the vinegar blend & apply directly on the affected skin of an infant
  • If the affected area turns reddish or gets inflamed, this means that your baby skin responds to vinegar. To be secure – Avoid applying it further

Sandalwood Paste to Get Rid of Baby Acne:

Maybe you don’t have an idea about this sandalwood remedy. Its natural properties are suited for treating tiny acne spots on the infant’s skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties and cooling effects help to treat baby acne naturally.

  • Get an empty bowl, add a tsp of sandalwood paste & 2 tsp of mustard oil, mix both very well
  • Once done, then, you have to apply this sandalwood & mustard paste directly on the acne prone area
  • Wait for 10 minutes and remove the paste with the clean water

Talcum Powder:

Talcum powder is a thing that helps to get rid of the infant’s acne. It’s cooling effects helpful to treat newborn or baby acne and diaper rashes. It is helpful to maintain the fragile skin of the baby without damaging the pores. Now you need to examine the tag to ensure that the component from the powder is either corn starch or talcum. Sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder on the palm of your hand and apply entirely on the acne-prone location. You have to use fingertips to get best results.

Precautions and Tips – You Have to Know:

Here are some facts that you should have to know:

  • Avoid to try chemical-laden detergent and cleaning agents
  • You ought to use organic cleansers and detergents
  • Don’t try to apply oily products on your infant’s skin
  • Don’t try to overdress your little one
  • Avoid to touch the skin of your baby and never touch his or her acne prone area
  • Keep in mind that avoid rubbing, dabbing, poking or scratching the breakouts and red bumps

Baby acne is not harmful at all! Quit worrying! Follow the above simple and tested home remedies for baby acne and say goodbye to small tiny breakouts. Good Luck!

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