5 Natural Moisturizers for Healthier & Vibrant Soft Skin

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Natural Moisturizers: Business analysts agree that the health and wellness industry will continue to be lucrative for related enterprises and skills in the coming years.  According to the estimates of the Global Wellness Institute, the following key sectoral drivers will continues to propel consumer demand: Beauty & Anti-Aging ($1.026 trillion), Healthy Eating/Nutrition/Weight Loss ($574 billion), Wellness Tourism ($494 billion), Fitness & Mind/Body ($446.4 billion), Preventative / Personalized Health ($433 billion), Complementary / Alternative Medicine ($187 billion), Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate ($100 billion), Spa Industry ($94 billion), Thermal/Mineral Springs ($50 billion), and Workplace Wellness ($41 billion).


Industry experts are also projecting that the niche markets on organic, botanicals, and safer alternatives to beauty and personal care will grow exponentially within the next decade.  Even the world’s most renowned brands are keeping busy investing on the acquisition of smaller companies that have left defining thrusts and cult following in the past few years.  So, why shouldn’t you believe in organics?  The good news is that you won’t even have to spend a dime nor wait for such products to reach your town — because the best beauty ingredients are sitting in your kitchen!


5 Natural Moisturizers for Healthier & Vibrant Soft Skin

Some people may have been born with dry skin yet, dry skin is the norm of aging skin.  That means everybody will have to cope with dry skin associated with skin aging.  Whichever the case is for you, you can certainly find good use for the following natural moisturizers:

natural moisturizers

  1. 1. Virgin Coconut Oil Made with saturated fats and rich in Vitamin E that is able to penetrate the skin deeply and incorporate well, coconut oil may just be the best moisturizer for dry skin.  It contains fatty acids that give it natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.  It has been linked to increasing cellular energy and metabolism, two functions which are especially critical with aging skin.  Regular use increases the available energy required to power up cellular repair and rejuvenation functions.


  1. Shea Butter If you’ve been pregnant before, you must have heard of the amazing moisturizing powers of shea butter to protect skin from stretch marks.  Now, don’t set aside using shea butter to moisturize your skin for those expectant situations!  You can very well use shea butter as your regular facial and body skin moisturizer any day.


Want to know another great news about shea butter?  It contains Vitamin A, the same vitamin lauded many times over for its ability to prevent and correct wrinkles and dark spots.  Buy it raw as much as you can but, if not available, always get it free from chemicals and irritants, including colors and fragrances.

natural moisturizers

  1. Milk and Honey These two, easy-to-access ingredients are not only satisfying for your palate but also yummy for your skin!  Use separately or in tandem by cleansing your skin, applying, leaving on for at least 15 minutes then, rinsing off with lukewarm water.  You’ll notice a marked difference in the softness, suppleness, and glow of your skin.  As a bonus, milk, and honey also rids your skin of infection causing bacteria and brings back the healthy balance of microscopic flora and fauna on your skin.

Wait!  That’s not all!  These two ingredients are also packed with components that make each an effective anti-inflammatory agent.  Both relieves skin irritations and allergies that can very well lead to skin damage and cause skin aging.

  1. Rosehip Oil If you want a deep oil moisturizer that leaves a practically greaseless skin, try this essential oil.  Make sure to get its cosmetic grade in case you want it in its pure form.  Again, if you’re getting this from some marketed brand, make sure it’s free from synthetics and potential skin irritants.  It contains Vitamin A which works with its essential fatty acid content dramatically improves skin moisture and texture.  High Vitamins C and E, and antioxidant content protects skin from damage and also helps revitalize otherwise sluggish skin cells.
  1. Virgin Olive Oil Another highly lauded essential oil, Olive Oil will also deeply hydrate your skin without the unwanted grease.  It contains high levels of Vitamin E and powerful antioxidants that also keeps it in the running as the best moisturizer for dry skin.



The beauty of these natural moisturizers is that you won’t have to worry about the long-term side effects of synthetics.  However, you should also keep paying attention to how, where and when you get these, and how you store and use each.


Hi, my name is Jazz Pollard, born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois. I write on beauty, skincare, fashion, and lifestyle. I love makeup and right now living my dream of writing. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter.

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