Portable Loos Are One Solution To The Diuretic Effect

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The controlled taking of diuretics such as Vitamin C can be a good thing, it causes the kidneys to remove water and sodium from the body, which helps relax blood vessel walls and lowers blood pressure.  However, when excess alcohol or coffee is drunk at an event it can result in unwanted extra trips to the toilet. So, rather than this be a medical article, we shall look at the solutions to the diuretic effect of temporary excess drinking at events. The first of those solutions being portaloos.

Portable Toilets or portaloos

This is really a note to the event organiser that there should be sufficient portable toilets at events. There is nothing more frustrating for guests than having to queue for long periods of time waiting for the facilities. You might say that it is self-inflicted, but then, that is the whole idea of an event – to enjoy yourself. Yes, drinking alcohol, which is a known diuretic, does promote bladder action, but so does coffee that the teetotaller might drink. Drinks are provided at events for people to enjoy themselves, just as toilets are being increasingly provided to take care of it. Portable toilets are a growing industry that is more than capable of meeting that demand.

These portable toilets often referred to generically as portaloos, can temporarily be delivered and erected for use. Firms will clean and maintain them throughout an event. They are chemical-based so that the smells associated with toileting are sufficiently disguised from the next user. Disabled toilets include facilities for changing nappies for those with younger children. Firms can also supply wash facilities in addition to the standard toilets. It can all be catered for, whether the event runs for one day or several days.

Eating Food

A way of combatting the effects of alcohol is that you should not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. It will be guaranteed to be absorbed into the body quicker. By having a good meal first, the diuretic effect can be somewhat slowed. This buys someone more time before needing to look for a toilet. They will inevitably need to find one at some time during an event, though, since most events go on at least several hours.

It should be noted that medically it is not a good idea to hold urine back for too long as it will weaken the bladder muscles long term. This could then potentially lead to problems of incontinence or someone not being able to empty their bladder fully. In addition, holding urine in for very long periods of time can cause urinary tract infections due to the build-up of bacteria. So, although, you can to an extent buy yourself more time before needing to go to the toilet by eating food, it is not a good idea to push it beyond what is comfortable, sensible, or medically advised.

Other Factors

Age, gender, weight, and genes, are other factors that can mean a slower absorption of alcohol, allowing a body longer periods of time before it suffers the effects of the diuretic and becomes dehydrated. It is about knowing your own body and weighing it up alongside these factors. It can be wise to adopt the philosophy of using a toilet when you see one rather than waiting until you desperately need one. The convenience of seeing one is a piece of mind. No longer do we have to necessarily venture all the way back into a building at an event, portable toilets can be observed on the field where the events are taking place. This is thanks to the companies that hire them out knowing just where to place them.

So, it has been an interesting journey of discovery to learn the reasons why we should not avoid any kind of toilet, as much as it highlights to event organisers how important it is that sufficient portaloos, portable toilets, or whatever you refer to them as, are present, visible, and accessible to all. It should not be the final thought in the planning process but more of aforethought.
If this article has inspired you to be healthier, as much as it has raised the issue of the importance of having sufficient portable toilets at events, then you might like to click here to read an article about diuretics.

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