5 Dental Hygiene Mistakes That Encourage Plaque Buildup

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Plaque buildup remains a grave problem for everyone. Plaque, can be defined as a creamy and sticky layer found on the teeth caused by oral bacteria and the substances released by it.

Plaque buildup on your teeth indicate that you are not putting sufficient efforts to enhance your dental hygiene, hence you must take strong measures in this direction. Plaque  produced by the oral bacteria on your teeth can lead to a variety of gum diseases if you fail to remove it effectively on a daily basis. Besides, over a period of time, plaque starts getting hardened and converts into a solid substance called tartar, which cannot be cleaned by you. That means you need to take the help of your dentist in order to eliminate tartar from your teeth and gumline. If you have tartar on your teeth it causes bad breath which makes you really uncomfortable when you talk to others. No one likes to get criticism from others for bad breath as it lowers their confidence which gradually makes them the victim of inferiority complex.

The Dental Hygiene Mistakes That Speed Up The Plaque BuildUp Are Given Below

Plaque BuildUp

Staying Away From Brushing Your Teeth

Some people are so lazy and ignorant that they do not even bother to brush their teeth when they wake up from sleep in the morning. They jump directly to their coffee and tea without thinking about how unhygienic it is for them. On top of that, you will also find people who do not brush their teeth the entire day, and that is really risky for their oral health especially for teeth and gums. The oral bacteria starts growing rapidly and leaves their teeth covered with the plaque which causes bad breath and puts them at the risk of getting dental problems like tooth decay, cavity, and gingivitis etc. Hence, you should brush your teeth daily to prevent your teeth from getting layered with the plaque.

Failure To Apply Proper Brushing Techniques

A lot of people who brush their teeth regularly do not implement right brushing techniques, and hence even after cleaning their teeth with a proper brush bacteria still stays in their mouth. While brushing, you should always hold your toothbrush softly and then try to clean your teeth by applying soft gentle strokes. You should always try to make circular moments with your toothbrush so that its bristles can reach even in the difficult parts. You must brush both inner and outer surfaces of your teeth. Some people are only bothered about the outer surface of their teeth which is a great mistake.

Using A Florid-Free Toothpaste

Another grave mistake done by people is they use a florid-free toothpaste which is really unhealthy for their teeth. A florid toothpaste helps in strengthening your dental health and can be extremely beneficial.

Avoiding Flossing

A lot of people find it very difficult to floss their teeth and continuously avoid it. However, the kind of benefits you get from flossing cannot be obtained with any other technique used in maintaining oral hygiene. That’s because the dental floss easily enters the area where the bristles of your toothbrush cannot reach and helps in cleaning your teeth properly.

Eating Excessive Sugary Food

If you enjoy eating sugary food, then you might find it frustrating to hear that it creates a lot of problems when it comes to maintaining pearly white teeth. Sugary foods are very good in enhancing bacterial growth, so it’s good to avoid them. If you successfully deal with the above-mentioned mistakes, then you can really increase your dental hygiene.

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