Stresses and Pregnancy

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A little stress in pregnancy may not cause significant problems. High pressure and pregnancy being is, however, a terrible combination.

Stress is a survival mechanism of humans and animals. A little stress can certainly do no harm and sometimes works itself stimulating. High pressure and pregnancy being is, however, a terrible combination. With prolonged stress the hormone cortisone. This pressure comes in the placenta to the fetus, and that affects the development of the unborn baby.


Women, who are going through pregnancy, especially for the 1st time, suffer from stress. Because this is fully a new experience for them. and she has to cope with all change, Both physically and mentally. Stress get them suffer much more than any change during this time.

Especially weight in the first three months of pregnancy (1st trimester) may have a bad influence on the child. Unfortunately, stress and prenatal depression are common. An estimated suffers as much as a quarter of pregnant women with anxiety or depression. Although postpartum depression is a well-known disease, antenatal depression is more common and caused at least as much harm to the child. Stress during pregnancy is even as dangerous as smoking when pregnant.


Coping with stress in the 2nd trimester is easier than 1st quarter. Morning sickness and fatigue that plague you during 1st quarter left you at this time. But this doesn’t mean that you are entirely free from all stress now. There are many more things that can become the cause of your stresses. That means you have something more to be done in this trimester. The First thing is, get some time for rest. There will be enough time for everything.sit down and relax, take a deep breath, recall all favorite memories of your life and think about the positive things, read a good book, take a refreshing bath. All these will keep you away from all stress.

If you are having trouble with stress during the 2nd trimester, you should ask for help from others, or consult with a therapist, an experienced health care provider or any of your best friends. Try to get rid of all stress as soon as you can. Then it won’t become a threat to you and your unborn child.


Tensions during the third trimester of pregnancy are more dangerous than all others times of gestation. As this is the high time of whole pregnancy period, women need to stay free from all kinds of stresses. The primary cause of stresses during 3rd trimester are:

  • Work pressure
  • Domestic violence
  • Abuse of drug
  • Tragic experience

Since there is no straight guideline how to face this problem, Women should try to stay from all these for a safe and sound pregnancy. You and your partner should try to avoid any deal of stress from any source.


Prolonged stress: abuse, depression, health problems, financial problems

Negative events: illness, divorce, death of a loved one or job loss

Catastrophic events: terrorist attacks, earthquakes and the like

Stress related to pregnancy: fear of a miscarriage or childbirth, the health of the baby, afraid to be a birth mother and fear of any additional responsibilities



A baby with low birth weight

A premature baby

A crybaby

A baby who is sick more often, especially in the first year

At the University of Tilburg has a professor discovered that stress also later behavioral problems during pregnancy (such as ADHD) can cause the baby

A lower IQ in the baby




Quickly irritated

Sleep Problems

Loss of appetite or correct the gain of binge eating


Get plenty of sleep and rest. If not, go in between lie down

Eat healthy. Healthy food also has a positive impact on your mental state. Eat mostly foods with plenty of B vitamins, such as whole grains

Go for pregnancy yoga or Lamaze

Care for light exercises, such as swimming

Sit back in bathtub

Is your job too dark, try to transfer some tasks or go into consultation with the company less work

Late in the house occasionally things as they are. This is not a problem if you do not use iron once or vacuuming

Do you have relationship problems, go together in couples therapy

For other problems, it is advisable to consult a psychologist

Seek support from friends and family and them when you (stress) feelings

In fear for maternity/childbirth can books, magazines and websites like Mama Place might take away some of your anxiety

Are you afraid of the first period after birth, then make except of course for maternity care also for help from friends or family? So there is probably already a whole load off your shoulders

Get plenty of free time

even watch a funny movie to distraction

Go out have some fun with a friend or your partner

Get help with financial problems.

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