5 Tips on Hosting a Winning Game Day

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If you are considering hosting a party for a Game day in your home, don’t be worried we have you covered. Planning for the event, creating a list of the invitees and most importantly deciding on the menu is a tedious task. It can be said with cent percent certainty that food is the most important thing that comes to mind when we host a party at our residence. We have good news for you! Now you don’t have to run or drive around the city looking for food supplies anymore. There is a perfect solution – Hillshire Farm® lunchmeat for your perfect Game Day! In this article, we will guide you by providing five tips on hosting a winning game day. Have a look at our top five tips and get ready for hosting a perfect winning game day party.

Game Day

1. Prepare a list

Creating list is always the first thing that we start with. When we talk a list we mean the list of food items that you are going to serve, the invitees and each and everything that would be part of your plan. The food being most important item must be delicious and easy to eat. You don’t want people to play around with a fork and knife while watching the football on your TV screen. Just imagine how annoying it can be to everyone. Mostly, people play around with food when they are not interested in it. For a Game day party, it is a no-brainer that more the number of people better it is. Well, like the saying goes – more the merrier. So, put together a list of people who are interested in the game mostly your friends, colleagues who follow and enjoy the game and other sports enthusiast people you know.

2. A one-stop- shop

While hosting a party you don’t want to run around the city looking for the food that you will serve. Why look out for food in multiple places when you can get them all in one location – Walmart. In Walmart, you can get a range of food items that you will need for your big day. Look out for Tyson Food recipes for they offer the best taste, quality at affordable prices in town. You can also get other important things you need for hosting your party at Walmart. Further finding all items together reduces a lot of work you have to do.

Game Day

3. Food for the party

Whenever you host a party the single and most asked question that people ask is – What do you have in food? It’s always good to have a good stock of different varieties of food for your guests. Nothing makes hosting a party more fun than serving a delicious plate of food to your guests. Tyson foods offer just the right food for the right occasion. From delicious and easy to eat Chicken dog, creamy Buffalo Chicken Lasagna rolls to spicy Barbecue pork Skillet makes it a winning item. Not to forget Barbeque Pork Steaks with a beer to go along with it, nothing can get better than this! Trust us, the food is tried and tested and it works like a charm in pleasing your guests’ appetite and mood.

4. Decoration

You can choose a theme while decorating your place for the party. For a Game day party, you can choose Football as the theme and decorate your place while garnishing your food as per the theme. Placing flags and banners around the place for the team you support will get the adrenaline flowing. Tyson food recipe for your game day provides the ideal football themed food for your party. Kick off your party with Chicken Dog and Chicken Burger along with beer. Slide along with Chicken and Mac Sliders with a creamy Mediterranean dip to get the body heated up.

5. All’s well that ends well

After all the fun that you had, you would like to end the party on a happy note. You can serve your guests desserts to compliment the wonderful food that you served using Tyson Food recipe. Not to forget about the benefits of the Tyson Rewards Program while you purchase their products. Apart from making your game day delicious, you also get rewards due to their promotional plans! That’s called an amazing and winning game day experience!

Game Day

So, what are you waiting for? Get the adrenaline flow and touchdown the evening, buy, collect, and score with the Tyson Rewards, check Tyson at Walmart for more

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