Is Microwave Baked Potato Better Than Oven-Baked?

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Microwave baked potato is a method that adopts the use of microwave to bake potatoes while the oven method makes use of the oven to bake potatoes. There is no doubt that both methods are good. However, making use of the microwave to bake your potatoes gives them a fluffy feel and makes them melt into your mouth leaving you with the savory taste of its sweetness. This does not mean that the oven-baked potatoes are not good. No, they are good too but while the oven-baked ones are usually crispy and have the crunchy taste outside, it is not usually so for the microwave ones. 

The microwave method is one of the fastest methods of baking your potato and it is also one kitchen hack you can adopt. You could be planning to eat mashed potatoes but have lesser time to prepare them. All you need do, is to get your potatoes washed thoroughly to remove the sand and any part with holes or blemish, can be removed with a knife, the next thing after this is to put it in a microwave bowl or plate and cover it, place it in the microwave and set the timer. While it is baking, you could quickly bath or do something else and once the timer sounds, you know that your potato is baked. Do not forget to create holes on either side of each potato before putting it in the microwave. 

You could pick up one of the microwave baked potato to confirm that it is well baked. If all is not well baked, you can separate it and return the ones that are not well baked back to the microwave while you remove the body of the potatoes, put it inside a bowl, and make use of a fork or spoon to mash it up. It should not be difficult to do since the potato is really soft. You would not need to stress yourself while mashing it. Do not forget to add your salt and any other ingredients you like. This recipe is also very great for babies. I remember my Aunt making this for her six months old baby boy and he really enjoys taking this meal. The nutrients contained in potatoes make them very good for anyone to consume. 
The oven-baked method is mostly preferred by teens and adults but I have seen others who prefer the microwave baked potato because it is a time-saving recipe and can be eaten by anyone.

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