7 Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Cocoa Powder

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Cocoa is great health-promoting medicine with mind-blowing benefits; fully endowed. Cocoa is emanated from the word ‘cacao’ in Latin and was first introduced to Europe in the 16th century by the Spanish troops. Cocoa powder is formed by grinding the cocoa beans and divesting its fat and butter. Cocoa has always been a go-to for subsidiary products and offers many versatile functions. Chocolates are one of such subsidiary products, many more to come. Cocoa contains major nutrients like iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and phosphorus. They have high antioxidant nutrients which makes them the hot cake for a healthy living. Cocoa powder is just right for you. Below are seven nutrition and health benefits of cocoa powder;

Cancer prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Cancer has over time become a huge mole in human living. Many people with the disease but unaware, others liable to have it but ignorant of the right preventive measure. There are several food that helps prevent cancer and cocoa powder is not left out. The antioxidant components found in the cocoa powder helps to recuse cancer cells and produce new healthy cells. Being a silent killer that it is, it is much beneficial if you start on a cocoa diet today. Cocoa helps to stop the spread of cancerous cells in the body. It also fights against prostate cancer cells in the body. 

Moderate blood pressure

Many have died, some are still living, ignorant of their status. High blood pressure should be the most dreaded illness in our contemporary societies but it is usually underrated as not dangerous. In real sense, it kills with little or no physical effect. As one of its numerous nutritional compounds, flavonoid, aids the reduction of blood pressure. Cocoa powder helps to regulate blood flow or pressure and hence, the treatment of hypertension. In addition, it reduces oxidative stress. 

Diabetes check

Beat it low on your sugar intake with cocoa powder. It naturally has a bitter taste except when processed. It reduces inflammation and controls your sugar level.  Cocoa powder offers so much good beyond imagination. Cocoa can help to moderate the digestion and absorption of carbs and sugar in the body system thereby reducing insulin sensitivity. Its wealth in polyphenols is the responsible factor for its qualified image of treating type 2 diabetic patients. 

Brain/mind health

Surprisingly, right? But it’s true. Cocoa powder helps to improve brain health. It sharpens the brain and aids its proper functionality. Get your tasks done with cocoa powder. This is an amazing benefit of cocoa powder that keeps one active and alert. It also helps to improve your mood and prevent depression. Makes you happy all day long as proven by different studies. Cocoa helps you to have a calm mind and concentrate well. It aids the prevention of mental decline and neurodegenerative diseases at old age. 

Weight check

Cocoa/cocoa powder is popular for its positive effect on one’s weight. Cocoa is perceived to help regulate energy levels and maintain a healthy appetite. Observations have stated that people who feed on cocoa always have a sense of fullness which in turn helps in their weight maintenance. 

Teeth and skin antibacterial treatment

In a small world, we indeed live in. So a great wonder how cocoa powder helps to fights against bacteria in the teeth and skin and many live in ignorance. Here’s the light to your dark; cocoa powder contains antibacterial and antienzymatic compounds that help fight against teeth cavities and protects the skin. With cocoa, all acne is gone. Cocoa provides sunburn protection. It helps to enhance better skin texture and keeps it hydrated. It also promotes regular skin blood circulation.  

Fights against heart diseases

This is one benefit of cocoa powder to look out for. The polyphenols and flavonol content in cocoa helps to promote heart health. These nutrients are antiinflammatory and thereby allowing for easy blood flow in the vessels and arteries.  Cocoa powder is the right choice for better cardiovascular health.

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