7 Reasons Why Strength Training Should Be The Part Of Workout

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If you are the kind of the person, who spends a lot of time in the gym for a good health, just make sure you add strength training to your workout regime. Apart from building muscles, it is really going to help you out. “How” is what you must be thinking, right? So let me put it like this. What if you find that an exercise routine that is going to help you out to lose weight, be good to your heart, make you feel better, and make your bones strong? Would you mind doing such an exercise? No, never. Studies carried out shows that strength training is not just limited to bodybuilders. It is equally important to those who have heart problems as well as arthritis.

It will no doubt give you toned body, but will help you with some other benefits too.

Strength Training Should Be The Part Of Workout

Strength Training

  1. Helps in weight loss

Apart from just helping to reduce weight, strength training helps to maintain weight too. By following strength training continuously for thrice a week, you will find that you are burning more calories even during the day to day activities. That’s why you much consider doing strength training on regular basis and you will soon get the desired result.

  1. Protects muscles and bone

It is true that as we age, our muscle and bone strength starts to degrade every year. Strength training can be the best way to stop this from happening. Yes, this is true that by doing Strength training as per as proper schedule you can even reverses the loss and builds up muscles and increases bone strength.

  1. Makes you fit and strong

During strength training muscles become strong and they are toned when it is contracted against a force – a resisting force. Resisting training is bifurcated into two types. 1. Where you exercise against a still object like doing push-ups. 2. You do exercise with moving object like lifting the weight.

Strength Training

  1. Improved body mechanics

Apart from providing toned body, it improves the coordination and balance along with your posture. If you are the kind of the person with poor balance, this is going to improve it by 40%. This is really going to help you out with increasing age.

  1. Prevents from diseases

It is true that strength training proves to be very beneficial for our health. People who have the problem of arthritis, have found that strength training helps to reduce pain. The chances of bone related issues is more with post-menopausal women. Strength training helps to increase bone density and reduce the chances of bone fractures in them.

Strength Training

  1. Improves mood as well as increases energy level

The amount of endorphins increases in the body after performing strength training. This elevates your mood and you feel good. Again, people with sleeping trouble sleeps well after training. It even acts as an anti-depressant. And in overall all you can feel that your stamina for doing any kinds of tough job whether it is running, climbing or any types of crucial workouts.

  1. Burns more calories

Apart from burning calories during the training, your body burns calories even after the workout. It is termed as physiologic homework. To build up muscles, more calories are burnt and so your metabolism rate increases that too by 15 percent. This ultimately helps to reduce weight.

If you have any health issues and you are skeptic about strength training, better ask for expert advice to know what kind of exercises will suit your health. Understand that ultimately we all want to feel and look better. We want to have a healthy body. So stop all the rubbish thoughts from coming in your mind and go for workout regime which includes strength training. Definitely you will feel better.

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