7 ways to incorporate exercise into your life

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Regular exercise is probably the only way to maintain one healthy and happy life. It is tough to fit the exercising in your already tight schedule, but there are various ways of squeezing in a little bit of working out. If you don’t try to incorporate exercises in your daily routine, your job and busy lifestyle will take a toll on you soon. Try some of these tricks for a week and you will start to feel the difference.

7 ways to incorporate exercise into your life



Speed Walk the Errands

Instead of running your errands by car or by dragging your body slowly from shop to shop, put on a pair of sneakers and speed things up a bit. Make a detailed to-do list along with a map of your route and speed walk those errands. It might take you 10 minutes longer to do them, but you will get some quality exercise while shopping or paying bills. Additionally, this simple and fun exercise will relax you and take your mind off of your work and problems, especially if you brought your iPad and earphones with you.

Go for a Run


You may think that you have no energy left after a busy day at work, but challenge yourself a bit. Wait until the sun goes down and start jogging. Take it slow at the beginning and even 10 minutes of jogging will be enough. Put on your sneakers, shirt, shorts and add a piece of reflective tape for extra safety and take off. As soon as you add this to your daily routine, you will notice the difference both on your body and in your mind. A nice slow jog will help you relax and reduce stress, while your body gets to get in shape.

Use the Stairs

If you spend most of your day at work and simply don’t have enough time for going to the gym, you have to find the way to activate your body a bit. So, why not take the stairs more often? Instead of taking the elevator or escalator to your office, use the stairs, and take them one at a time. At the beginning you will get out of breath, but as time passes by, this will become just another ordinary and easy thing for you. Not to mention how many calories per week you will manage to burn.

Early Bird Catches the Worm



Since you already have to get up early for your job, why not wake up 10 minutes earlier. You can use these extra few minutes in the morning for some simple exercises. Do some crunches, sit-ups and pushups and set the tone for the day. Repeat each of these for at least ten times and you will feel ready and pumped to start your busy day. And if you manage to wake up even earlier, then why not fit in the full workout before the morning coffee.

Park Far Away

In order to burn some extra calories each day, park your car far away from the place you have to visit. Whether you are running errands, going to work or finally going home, find the spot that is a little further away from the entrance. By doing this you will get extra 5-10 minutes of walking and moving your body. For some maximum effort and efficiency carry your groceries or other things you have along with you and add some weight to your walking.

Ditch the Drive

Commuting to work, either by car or public transportation adds some extra sitting time, which can lead to gaining weight. If your workplace is close, it is a much healthier option to go on foot or ride a bike. Not only will you reduce stress from all the traffic fuss, but you will successfully incorporate daily exercising in your life. Moreover, you are contributing to the environment by cutting out the emission of gasses.

Active Chores

You should be happy to do your chores. Apart from cleaning your house and maintaining a healthy environment for your life, you can burn up to 100 calories with only 30 minutes of doing chores. To make things more fun, you can do some sit-ups while vacuuming, work on your biceps by dusting and cleaning the windows. Your creativity is the only limitation.

Don’t be lazy and most certainly don’t neglect your health. You are not aware of the benefits of exercising until you start doing them, so do your body a favor and move around as much as you can. Only good things can come out of that.



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