A Healthy Hair In Transit If You Start Eating These Foods

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Unhealthy hair can be caused by different factors but our focus here is the lack of the right nutrients in the body. What you eat goes a long way to affect your hair health. This is a major prerequisite that has never really been considered important for healthy hair growth. The entire focus is usually more on the hair cream or oil applied on the hair but the food matters as well. Many people complain about their hair slacks and breaks with a hinge sight on their hair ingredients ignorant about the fact that the consumption of bad nutrients is responsible. 

For long, healthy, and shiny hair, eat these foods to get it all. 

Sweet potatoes 

Funny enough you just ate it for breakfast and you never realized how important it is for your hair growth. Are you regretting not eating it to a significant degree? Don’t worry, the job will still be done. But for its effectiveness, you would have to include it in your regular diet. Vitamins are a great source of hair growing nutrients and sweet potatoes are well-packed with vitamins. They contain vitamin A. Vitamin A aids hair growth massively and the production of thicker hair. 


A great source of biotin popular for its incredible health provider function. Biotin helps to produce healthy hair and reduces breakage. With eggs, thicker hair is assured. 


Tasty enough to make you the next Oliver Twist. Avocado is a splendid source of vitamin E and I know you must have heard vitamin E are effective for the skin. Well, they do more than just that. Vitamin E helps to strengthen the hair scalp thereby giving ease to hair production. It protects the scalp from damaging in turn increasing hair quality. They also contain fatty acids; an essential nutrient for hair growth. 


Never underestimate the power of vegetables. Their health effectiveness is always leading while others follow. As a leafy green vegetable, it contains iron, Vitamin A and C, beta carotene, folate, etc. They help battle brittle hair, keep a healthy scalp. They also prevent hair breaks. 

Nuts and seeds

Nuts are an incredible source of nutrients, endowed to the core. Their vitamins, zinc, and fatty acids are responsible factors for healthy hair growth. Prevent hair sheds by eating nuts. Seeds also provide the same function because of its vitamin E, fatty acids, and selenium nutritional content. 


The right choice for everyone, exceptional fruit with life-changing qualities. They are heavily packed with Vitamin C that surpasses the daily recommended amount. Vitamins are the go-to nutrients for healthy hair growth so look out for them in your meals. Guava helps to prevent hair shed thereby giving it strength to stand against the test of climate change. 


A powerful ingredient for your hair health. Spice up your meals with this ingredient and enjoy a general blood flow and circulation. In the blood circulation process, nutrients and oxygen are being transferred to the hair for proper growth and development. 


For full and thick hair, oysters are your lookout to.  Even the hardest nuts to crack look up to oysters; nutritionally packed with zinc for hair production. 

Eat a balanced diet with the right nutrients for your hair health. Don’t single focus on the hair ingredients but know the cause of your unhealthy hair if it’s about your age, gene, or nutrition. Eat healthily, grow healthy.

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