Monday Blues And Its Spreading Roots: Shed Them Off

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Butterflies or nauseous? How do you feel? Like you’re on a fast-moving train to depression effortlessly. The dreadful feeling of resuming the first day of your work week can’t only just get better. The anxiety only mars your day leaving you less active and unproductive. Fear is a major stumbling block to creativity. Anxiety makes it all worse, leaving you tense. Many are on this fear train in dire search of the exit. Monday blues are otherwise called Lunaedisophobia, a condition of fear for Mondays. Don’t be enslaved by its powerlessness but outgrow its potentials. Depression is the main course after a long feed of your fear. 

Like a growing tree planted without a seed

Spreading its roots far within us

With no permit

With a hope to grow into destruction

Salvation is on the way”

Heads up:

ID your problem

Note that in any cracker head situation you find yourself in, the first thing you should always do is to identify your problem. When you find yourself feeling zero motivated to work with fear or anxiety on a Monday morning, that can only be your blues. Knowing you are lunaedisophobic is the first step to getting better. You have to know the cause of your blues before any step can be taken. 

Follow through for the following steps to getting rid of your blues;

Preparing ahead

To get a better first day of a workweek, a firsthand preparation in the previous week goes a long way. Fridays have been generally believed to be a day with the fewest job deliveries but if you want a fear-free Monday, you might need to clear some very important tasks off your desk. Your dread might also be about your haughty boss and irritable colleague. Try settling whatever it is to smoothen your work process for the start of a new week. 

Severe all work ties 

Weekends are basically for a timeout from work so let it serve its purpose. Refrain from checking your mails and be more focused on making the best of your little end week break. Spend time to relax and have fun but still follow through with your regular routine. Maintaining your regular routine that is your mealtime, siesta, and other activities will help suppress the anxiety on a Monday morning. You can take out an hour or so over the weekend to work only on exceptional cases to meet up with work deadlines. But a total work breakout is a more advisable option to eliminating your fears. 

Lay it all out on the table

An emotional breakdown can be so devastating if not managed properly but writing down your worries goes a long way to manage the situation. You should write out the reason for your fears and possible solutions. Ask a trusted friend for help. Also, plan your schedules for a new week from the previous and get a lot of tasks out of the way thereby relieving your worries. Don’t over-schedule your Mondays. 

Trifle your Mondays

No doubt Monday is a very important day of the week but its importance has been over credited, leaving many nauseated at the thought of the day. Instead of getting butterflies, sadness slides in and overshadows your entire system. Try making the fun out of it and be happy doing so. Eat a pleasant breakfast; your favorite morning meal, play a game with your colleagues to help ease the tension. Be nice to someone, whatever generosity you show would help lift your spirits. Additionally, don’t pile up work schedules to Mondays only. You can spread them out to the other days of the week for work ease. 

Optimism is the key

Motivate yourself for fear relief. It is almost near-inevitable not to feel bothered about the tasks ahead but can be curbed from sparking into a bigger problem. Write out those tasks and their goals with strong determination to carry them out.  Then, start fixing them one after the other. Don’t underestimate yourself and be positive. Cancel out every negativity by looking at your past achievements for positive motivation. With the right motivation, you can work your Monday’s shoulder high. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people that do.

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