Best Vegan Fitness Trainers from India

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There are several vegan fitness trainers, but only a few have honed their craft and taken it to the next level. Vegan fitness training involves the use of holistic and refined plant-based diet plans, mentorship and guidance to achieve proper mental and physical health.

Vegan Fitness Trainers

There has been an increase in the demand for vegan fitness trainers which is partly inspired by the fact that top athletes like The Williams tennis sisters (Serena and Venus), UFC fighter Nate Diaz, Mike Tyson are vegans.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best vegan fitness trainers from India.

Dhruv Chaudhuri

Dhruv Chaudhuri had been interested in bodybuilding right from his college days. He spent time working on his body instead of consuming huge amounts of junk food like other college students. One day, Dhruv Chaudhuri came across some videos on animal cruelty in the meat industry. This led him to take his decision on becoming a vegan. He is a regular practitioner of weight training, calisthenics, and martial arts. Dhruv Chaudhuri took some online courses and he became a fitness manager at Nitro BeSpoke Fitness.

Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is a certified vegan fitness trainer. She holds certifications from Jim Stoppani, Gold Gym University, ACE and Jillian Michaels. She organizes personal training programs for clients, and she prepares special vegan diet plans for them. According to Roshni Sanghvi, nutrition is about eating right 80% of the time and indulging yourself the remaining 20% of the time. Roshni is a vegan by choice and believes that a vegan diet provides all the ingredients the body needs to keep fit. Roshni believes in eating fresh and high carbs. She enjoys vegetables, tofu, rice, hummus, pasta and ice creams.  

Umang Singh

Previously overweight, Umang Singh became a vegan and lost 35 Kg of weight. He weighed a 103 Kg at the peak. The vegan diet and a lot of exercises helped him to lose weight. Every day, Umang Singh spends between 45 minutes to 1 hour,20 minutes at the gym. He focuses on abs workout, pull-ups, and weightlifting. Umang Singh draws exercise plans for others who have come to rely on him. His vegan diet consists primarily of low fat and high carb food like oats and multi-grain bread. Umang Singh adheres to a 50% raw vegan diet.

Aman Duggal

Aman Duggal became interested in fitness during his college days. He exercises with dumbbells, football, weightlifting, and yoga. In 2014, he became a vegan and has remained so ever since. Aman Duggal is a qualified nutritionist, and he helps others to create specialized vegan diets. Aman Duggal’s personal diet consists of chapatis, white rice, nuts, yellow dal, and fruits.

Sathish Waran

Sathish Waran is an international table tennis player. His love for animals led him to become a vegan and an animal rescuer. Sathish Waran works as a fitness trainer at LIC. He is also the owner of Fit-O-Crazy which is a gym that focuses on providing mental strength and fitness to clients. His diet majorly consists of sandwiches, vegetables, idlis, and pulses.

Nikita Solanki

Nikita Solanki is a recent convert to the vegan diet. She is into yoga, cycling, jogging, and swimming. Nikita Solanki follows a raw vegan diet twice a week, eating only salads and fruits. Her diet consists primarily of beans, brown rice, and pulses. She also likes to try out other endurance sports.

Subhashini Ramaswamy

Subhashini Ramaswamy became a vegan after watching a video on animal cruelty. After the birth of her third child, she became involved in fitness. Subhashini Ramaswamy is a trainer with a certification from Reebok and an ACE yoga certification. She is also a trained nutritionist from Cornell University. Subhashini Ramaswamy often suggests wholesome vegan diets for her clients. She follows a strict high carb low-fat diet.

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