High Blood Pressure: No Telltale They Can Be Very Dangerous

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Many have died, few are living because of failure to see the amber lights that are right before them. High blood pressure is a very dangerous health condition that leaves many damaged or unbalanced. The condition surrounding this illness is that you can be a victim but be able to go about your regular activities. The dangers attached are usually life-threatening. The symptoms appear occasionally but many fail to recognize them because it is usually misjudged as a symptom for other illnesses. The silent aura of this health condition would only result in great havoc. Regular checkups are the only way to keep track of your blood pressure level. Get a grip on your health status by looking out for these red flags;


Chest pain

Bleeding nostrils


Difficult breathing

Uneven heartbeats

Bloodstained urine

Weariness and confusion

Sight problems 

You should visit a doctor the moment you notice any of these signs but a regular checkup is a much better choice. Do well to purchase a B. P monitor to check your pressure regularly. 


High blood pressure also called hypertension is a condition where the blood pressure is increased to a waxed level. This occurs when the blood passing the blood vessels meets a high resistance level in the arteries. The narrow your arteries, the higher your blood pressure would be. There are two major types of hypertension;

Primary hypertension 

This is a common type that occurs without a specific cause and it is usually on an individual’s genetic mutations and materials. Other causes for this type are physical changes in a part of the body sometimes affect the entire body system and causing high blood pressure in the process. Also, the environment can also be responsible. You might need to make a healthy lifestyle choice to maintain good health and also check your diet. A poor diet can also be a reason for primary hypertension

Secondary hypertension 

This type occurs faster than the primary type but with a cause. Here, it could be the fruitful reward of other health conditions like; alcohol abuse, drug abuse, heart defects, kidney disease, thyroid problems, medication’s side effects, etc. 


Not only can other health conditions be a reason for hypertension but hypertension also leaves its footprints in the body. These footprints are usually massive. They can cause heart disease. They affect vital organs in the body system such as the kidney, brain, eyes, and heart. It can also lead to stroke, heart attack. 

Blocked arteries

Healthy arteries are supposed to be flexible enough to allow for easy passage of blood but hypertension makes it tight thereby opening the floor for fats to be easily stored in the artery. This blocks the arteries and makes it difficult for blood passage. 

Brain damage

For proper brain function, the brain requires a regular supply of rich oxygen blood. Blood pressure leads to low supply to the brain which eventually kills the brain cells thereby causing a stroke. The end result is the loss of memory, lack of reasoning, a state of mental paralysis, etc. 

Heart workout

Hypertension only wears your heart out by making it pump too hard. As a result of the increased blood pressure in the blood vessels, the heart is forced to pump more often than it should. 

N. B:- Hypertension, if uncontrolled, even after it’s been treated may not wipe out its effects on the body so prevention is better than cure. Prevent it by consuming foods that are rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Change your diet altogether if possible, consume more fruits and vegetables. Cut down on your sugar intake and a constant checkup on your blood pressure wouldn’t hurt. Stop unhealthy habits or addictions to improve your health.

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