No Earbuds: Natural Ways To Safely Cleaning Your Ears

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Despite the innumerable warnings about cotton buds over the years, it still remains the favorite go-to cleaning option for everyone. Failing to see its dangers but hanging on to its sweetness. I have always heard people say they enjoy cleaning their ears with cotton buds and prolong the process for pleasure. Earbuds can be so much fun to clean with but leave your ear at high endangering risk. Earwax full ears should be cleaned naturally. The use of earbuds to clean the ears only helps to shove it further into the ear canal and continuous push from your end leads further in. Cleaning your ears should be a part of hygiene not bait for bigger illnesses. Therefore, safely clean your ears using these home remedies;

Baking soda

The multipurpose raising agent does the magic of cleaning the ears without impaction and it is much better than the sticky buds. To use the baking soda, mix a half teaspoon into a bit of warm water and pour the mixture into a syringe or a dropper bottle. Incline your head to a side for the drops between 5-10 and wait for an hour or so for better results. Rinse out with warm water, you can repeat the process daily for two weeks no more, no less. 


There are different oil substances that can help serve this purpose but choose wisely. Oils you can use include; baby oil, mineral oil, glycerin, olive oil, and coconut oil. The ear wax is an oil-like substance, when mixed with another of its kind might soften. Only by choice, you can warm the preferred oil before use but don’t make use of a microwave. Remember to check the temperature before use. With a tilted head, drip in few drops in your ears and maintain that head posture for five minutes. Repeat the process twice daily. 

Hydrogen peroxide 

A very common cleaning agent readily available in pharmaceutical stores for purchase. Get yours today for proper ear hygiene. With your head slanted, drip few drops of peroxide in your ears and wait five minutes to get the ear canal penetrated by the substance then face ears down to get the wax and the liquid out of your ears. Repeat the process once daily for two weeks. 


Water flushing your ears is an excellent choice for getting appropriate ear hygiene. A process of flushing the ear wax out with water but know that this method can be combined with the aforementioned methods. To irrigate, purchase a soft rubber bulb that is purposefully designed for ear cleaning. Fill the bulb with warm water and get a towel and a bowl. Place the towel right beneath the ears and gently squeeze the bulb to flush in water to the ears. Let the water drip down onto the towel or you can use a bowl if you want to be sure the wax is out. 

Many end up with impaired hearing or earaches using objects like pins, ear candles, pen caps, cotton swabs, etc to clean their ears. Know now that your choice of the ear cleaning agent can be dangerous to your health. Someone very close to me got so attached to using cotton swabs for her ear hygiene and almost stopped hearing as a result. It took the doctor’s intervention and consistent use of ear drops to regain her hearing. See a doctor when your hearing becomes dull or full of ear wax, the earlier you do, the better.

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