How a Long-Distance Relationship Can Affect You Psychologically

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Most people consider long-distance relationship challenging, if not doomed. Things that are important in the “normal” relationships, like loyalty, trust, and commitment, become even more important in long-distance relationships. Similarly, the doubts you may have in a long-distance relationship are likely to be even stronger and more difficult to control. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that being in a long-distance relationship can affect you psychologically, and here’s how.

 Long-Distance Relationship

The lack of trust

One of the main reasons why people think that long-distance relationships can’t last is the lack of trust, or rather, the difficulty of maintaining trust. When you’re away from your partner, it’s natural to feel afraid of being replaced. This feeling becomes more intense in long-distance relationships because people spend more time apart, which is why being replaced by somebody seems “easier”. This is also why such a feeling often develops into jealousy and can cause serious damage to the relationship.

One possible solution to this problem is constant reassurance. Both sides should put equal effort into the relationship and work on building trust. This can be done by simply keeping your partner up to date with your daily plans and sharing details about everything that happens in your life.


Loneliness is a common issue of people who are in a long distance relationship, since they know that they can’t see each other whenever they want. Plus, being aware of the fact that it might be a while until you get a chance to hug your beloved again can make the feeling of loneliness even stronger.

The way to combat this issue is to occupy your mind so you don’t think too much about your significant other. This might sound a bit odd, since it’s usually expected that you should think about your partner often. However, if there’s nothing you can do to see each other before the designated date, sometimes it’s best to focus on something else.


Considering the popular opinion that long-distance relationships can’t work out, you might become anxious if you can’t ignore what you hear. Moreover, if there are people in your close environment telling you that it’s only a matter of time until you break up, it could also lead to anxiety, and you might eventually start expecting it to happen.

If you start feeling this way, prove to yourself that long-distance relationships can, indeed, last for a long time. There are many people sharing their experience with long-distance relationships online, so focus on the positive stories. Or, you can also look for the usual reasons that some long-distance relationships fail and see what you can do to avoid those reasons.


As much as people hate to admit, physical needs are just as important as the emotional ones. So, if you’re apart from your significant other for too long, you may start feeling frustrated due to the inability to touch them, kiss them, and simply be close to them.

When this happens, focus on what you can do. Talk to them, share your feelings, find a hobby that you can do together. Also, there are ways to be romantic and intimate just by using your voice or written words, even when you’re far away from each other. Of course, none of them can come close to the real thing, but they might be just enough to ease your frustrations until you meet again.


When the above-mentioned feelings start to take over, it’s not uncommon to become depressed. The lack of fulfillment and the overwhelming negative emotions can harm your mental health. If depression continues, it can cause the end of the relationship, as it’s much harder to deal with depression than any of the previously-mentioned problems.

If you do start feeling depressed, and if you notice it affecting your relationship, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Depression is a serious psychological issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, don’t ignore the signs, and do whatever you can to help yourself, even if it means putting your relationship on hold.

Every relationship comes with its challenges, and the long-distance one is not an exception. Moreover, not being near each other can lead to various psychological consequences. Most of them are normal and expected, and as such, can be solved with time and effort. However, if they start to overwhelm you to the point of becoming depressed, put your health before your relationship; after all, you can’t nurture any kind of relationship if you can’t nurture your own health.

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