Health Intruder: 10 Successful Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Hiccups

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Hiccup is a strange and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm. Hiccups are not only embarrassing but could be cantankerous. No worse surprise than hiccups. They always catch you off guard in public; mostly at work, in a business meeting, and the likes. No respect for no man. Not just a thief in the night but in the day and even moments. Below are easy remedies to send it back to its origin. 

Coll your knees 

Hug your knees tightly to your chest in a comfortable sitting position for at least two minutes. The pressure against your chest would stop the spasm in no time. 

Seize your breath

Take a deep breath and hold it for about 20 seconds. The secured carbon dioxide in the lungs relaxes your respiratory muscles. 

Breathe into a paper bag

This might seem a bit childish and improper but it works like magic. Yes, people only do this when they are freaked out by something or someone or in their nervous state. This technique aids the rise in the carbon dioxide level in the blood and gives room for more oxygen flow. Take slow and deep breaths in the bag for better results. 

Sour or sweet is a yes-yes 

Anything sour or sweet is highly effective to get rid of the intruder as quickly as possible. You can suck on lime or drink vinegar and swallow or chew on any sweetening agents. 

Drink water

Surely, water is life. Sip slowly on a glass of cold and warm water 10 times to stop the irritation in the diaphragm. This is the most suitable technique in an office environment. For instance, you wouldn’t want to attract attention to yourself hugging your knees to your chest at work. This is a real deal in overcoming the spasms. 

Knead your neck

This may look strange but it works. Kneading the cortid arteries of both sides of your neck does the trick. Doing the massage, ensure you rub gently and softly. 

Plug your ears

This is a very easy remedy. You can block your ears with your fingers or try out earplugs. Discomfort in the body system helps to shut out the stranger. 

Rub your palm center

Use your thumb to press the palm of your hand with the other and continue interchangeably. It might seem weird but it is assuredly effective. 

Pull-on your tongue

Do this when no one’s watching to avoid any kind of embarrassment. This is done regularly to incite vocal cords but can also defuel the contractions. Pull the tip of your tongue forward thrice. 

Jab your back throat with a cotton bud

Softly poke the back of your throat to induce a cough to help retract the muscle contraction. 

This intruder disturbs your health because of the following; stress, anxiety, overeating, spicy foods, alcohol, temperature change etc. 

Hiccups shouldn’t put you under, be above it. The remote is in your hands, keep charge.

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